The Pathos of Distance

The Pathos of Distance

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    Zombie Apocalypse


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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:59 am

    Addendum to Nihilism: an allegorical exposition of a memetic dis-ease.

    An undeclared memetic war, described, by me as a Nebulous War, renamed from its previous title War like No Other can only be fought using similar methods.
    A war over minds, using words/symbols, and metaphors, can only be described and defined using allegories.
    A memetic dis-ease can only find in diagnosis its first step towards immunity.
    A memetic war can only be fought memetically, just as a clandestine asymmetrical war can only be fought using clandestine asymmetry.
    This is more like a auto-immunization response, to a spreading dis-ease. Prescriptive, and preemptive, not interventional. Once the illness takes hold the patient is as good as gone.
    Preventative medicine is the only effective response to this mental illness; this spiritual virus.  
    To this end....

    Here I've posted quotes showing how the parasite instead of fighting off a virus that has infected many tribes does the unthinkable and accepts it as part of its symbiotic survival strategy.
    It places survival above intellectual integrity, and spiritual nobility, accepting the virus as 'god-sent' to lead it 'out' of its miserable slavishness, and 'into' its eternal existence.  
    The virus that has been rejected by all peoples, throughout history, is embraced by the parasite, and integrated into its soul, inventing a new inverted organism - hiding externally, and exposing itself internally.  
    The virus propagates through the aid of the parasite's infiltration into hosts, and the parasite gains the inebriating cover of the virus' affects on the host to remain undetected for longer periods, than previously....and perhaps indefinitely, or until the host's inevitable demise.
    Then the parasite is released into the real world, where it is particularly vulnerable, desperate to quickly hide within a new host, starting the cycle of degradation.

    The symptoms of infection have been noted: Nihilism: Signs & Symptoms, and metaphorically described here, and here Zombie Apocalyspe.
    But the list is incomplete, because we are dealing with a real, (inter)active symbiotic parasite/virus meta-organism, that is continuously adapting to the host's awareness and its defensive measures.
    History is littered with examples of its many infestations, and of reactions to its disease.  
    It adapts and we must adapt to deal with it.
    We've already given a general outline, alluding to what we cannot speak of openly, during this period of infestation, when the symbiont (parasite/virus) is attaining its peak, and the host is beginning to show signs of decline - immanent death.
    This means that as the host begins to deteriorate towards its death, the parasite will reach a paroxysm of reproductive activity, no longer hiding as much as it did before, because the host's autoimmune systems are deteriorating, and zombification has reached a level where it can barely perceive anything outside its fevered delusions.
    We've said that the virus attacks the host via the nervous system, and the outward expression of the nervous system are semiotics. The first symptoms are a gradual detachment from reality, accompanied by slurring verbal expression of its infection, coming forth as gibberish.
    It increasingly does make sense. Its words turn inward, toward esoteric alternate realities, or tie themselves up in linguistic conundrums - noetic, self-referential, knots.
    This 'turning inward' is part of the inversion process, because the parasite/virus symbiosis cannot invert reality, even with the agency of the host's superior physical strength, yet to begin the process of decline, and the only place where it can noetically, theoretically, ideologically 'invert' reality is in the host's infected mind.
    Its power is contained by the host it infects, making the infestation of as many hosts as possible a matter of great importance to it.
    Within the host's mind/nervous system//body its linguistic inversions can take place. Only in there, can it make sense. Only in there do its words acquire theoretical meaning.
    Its only hope for an external application is by infecting and zombofying a host long enough to use it as an agency of its own will.
    I've posted vids on how genetic parasites infect insects and hijack them, forcing them to behave in suicidal ways.
    This memetic parasite/virus combo is no different.
    Language is how it attempts to trigger the host's nervous system, to get it moving in whatever direction it desires - Words
    Language that stimulates pleasure/pain centres, triggering aromatic reactions, emotions.
    Sensations and emotions, triggered by symbols/words, are used to direct the host, which is oblivious to anything outside itself, and to anything rational.      
    Reason would be an antidote.
    The method keeps the host in a state of emotional upheaval, primarily using fear - the mother of all Emotions.
    Reality is anathema to the Symbiote. It cannot survive in it. It needs a host to envelop it with warm, flesh & blood protection; it needs a womb-like proxy to live within.
    Its nature is esoteric. The exoteric being toxic to it.
    It has attempted to reinterpret all existence as a transcending host, a Deus, trying to make the esoteric a universal singularity, an all-encompassing mind where it can dominate and theory.


    To be clear, or as clear as I can be using allegories....

    The metaphorical parasite does not invent the metaphorical virus we are analyzing.
    The virus emerges naturally from a host's contact with a harsh, indifferent, uncertain world, and it is triggered by the emergence of self-consciousness.
    Self-consciousness, and how the mind relates to world, is what triggers the development of the mental virus.
    The virus remains a method of coping. It is pleasing to the mind it emerges within, so we can consider it a survival mechanism; a brain's defensive measures.
    The virus is the mind's defensive reaction to its growing awareness of self and how it relates, compares, to other, or to world - it is the byproduct of a value judgment.
    Naturally it would have moral implications.
    We all know of the mind's ability to forget, to push down into the subconscious what threatens to shatter it; killing it and the body it depends upon.
    The brain/mind's role is to serve the organism, not to become aware. Intelligence, wisdom is not the end, but the means. The only motive the organism, and its organs, has is to satisfy the organism's needs.
    In this capacity the brain evolved to facilitate this and to protect the organism from an uncertain, indifferent world.  
    This means that philosophy is something only a few can practice.  
    We may say that from the perspective of the majority such minds are mad, willing to risk their sanity, their very survival in the pursuit of clarity - to reveal, to uncover, what may prove to be devastating to it, and detrimental to its survival.
    The factor of risk, of ignoring survival, of placing something above it, is an essential prerequisite for the development of a philosophical disposition.
    It takes a level of inhumanity to see and to accept what is revealed; to endure it, and to then speak of it.
    To the average mind such creatures appear to be incomprehensible monsters.
    Who and why would anyone risk death to perceive, when the brain evolved to help the organism survive? - the average mind thinks.

    The virus emerges and takes form when man begins to use language, symbols of representation; when man begins to become artistic.
    This coincides with the emergence of self-conciseness.
    To become aware of awareness is the spark of subjective detachment required to then represent what is perceived, in the third-person.  
    I've described this in my post on Levels of Cognition.
    Like a little worm it emerges, whispering to the mind to pull back, to turn away, to project into world what it so desperately needs and desires - this is nihilism.  
    Its memetic form gradually evolved from man's growing artistry, and how he can escape into his own creations; represent what he desperately needs so that he creates what he seeks; in time he can invert reality, as he experiences it, finalizing the process.
    Self-consciousness must evolve self-deceit to endure; to protect mind from a world that is, often, unendurable.  
    Art becomes escape into Utopian pseudo-realities. Man, can now, represent, not reality, not the world as it is, but world as he wishes it were, as he hopes it could be, as it 'uoght to be'.
    The representation can be entirely detached from world, and around it ideologies can be fabricated, and fantasy cultures can be built.
    Nihilism has become a memetic virus, intoxicating the ones who find world 'not enough' to satisfy their egos; numbing the ones who find the world 'too much' for them to endure it for any length of time.

    The parasite, being a parasite, has evolved a parasitical strategy to survive.
    In time, it was inevitable that it would come across the virus, which was also part of its own psychology.
    Parasite finds virus, already in a useful, to it, form, and then adapts it to its own requirements.  
    This is where the parasite's ingenuity comes into play....because this parasite never had any artistry, never developed any form of art that was noteworthy, but always plagiarized, stole, was fertilized by its contact with its many hosts.
    At some point in its history it came across an ingenious variation of the virus....because I neglected to say that the virus was morphed by its contact with the host, so it took on a slightly different form in one host, and another in a different host.
    In our example the parasite came across the virus in a form that has ingenious, and the parasite, being a parasite, realized its many potentials.
    Once more it did what it was good at: it stole and adapted what it stole to its own needs.
    The virus, in its new form, was a god-sent....literally and figuratively.
    It was god's gift to them. A god that was, most often rejected by tribes, eventually healing themselves from the viral infection. But this host, the parasite, did not want to cast it off, but wanted to integrate it and make it its own; wanted to use it to be reborn as a new version of 'health'.
    It stole the ingenuity of the host and made sickness a health. Inversion was already present in the virus it came across. It did not have to do much, but only change the words, the symbols and refine the ingenuous inversion, like it always stole art, from the host, and contributed to it its own parasitical representations.
    This is when the virus and the parasite, its new host, became a symbiont.
    After generations of symbiotic coexistence,  nobody could separate the parasite from the virus.
    In our time we cannot tell them apart. We cannot think of one without thinking of the other.
    This is how close the relationship became.
    Of course, as I stated, the virus morphed in its new host, the parasite. The virus evolved to serve a parasitical motive. Parasite and virus became codependent.
    Parasite used virus to numb the host, and remain undetected for longer periods of time, and perhaps indefinitely, and virus, through the parasite's natural talents to infiltrate a host, became more viral.

    In all this allegorical tale, we must return to the current form of the virus, which is linguistic.
    It infects via words and/or numerical algorithms, which is not so different.
    Once it takes root it converts the host into a zombie - detached from reality, unable to think or speak rationally, guided by a visceral hunger/thirst that drives it on.
    The host's hunger/thirst is insatiable, reflecting the parasite's passionate ambitions.
    In the thread Under-World I give some examples of how the virus manifests in different hosts.
    The most accurate representation of the parasite/virus symbiot is that of the Vampire.
    The most accurate representation of the most common type of outcome is the Zombie.
    It's why I often use it.
    For some hosts the effect is that of accentuating certain behaviours, and the traits that facilitate them.
    There can be a beneficial effect, at a  high cost. Accentuation in some traits means a deterioration in others.  
    In most the effect is one of total degradation, degeneracy.
    There's a sense of the other-worldly, the surreal, in these  many variations of the infection.
    Some seem supernatural, or supranatural.
    A side-effect of detachment is this often supernatural ability in one or more traits, at the expense of all others.
    But this effect is limited to manmade environments, as it is entirely symbolic and so it can only hold power over those who are affected by symbols.
    Beyond the human these types are impotent, entirely the virus, they cannot survive outside the sheltering embrace of humanity. Their range of effect is limited to the range of the semiotic effect.
    Their 'superpowers' are entirely symbolic, linguistic, psychological.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:11 am

    In the long history of the parasite we find its expulsion from a multiplicity of hosts it lived, for a while, by parasitically feeding no its byproducts.
    From each one it stole a piece, integrating it into its next parasitism.
    It remained resistant to assimilation.
    Each time it was discovered and expelled it found a new host.

    Parasites have no loyalty to the host they feed on. They pretend to be at one with the host but they cannot be trusted. their only allegiance is to themselves - willing to kill the host they lived within, if it serves their interests.
    Their 'care' for it lasts as long as their ability to drain it, or to feed on its byproduct of feces, urine sweat and blood.
    It is a parasite that lives off the byproduct an organism produces as it struggles to exist in relation to environment - nature.
    It refuses to be assimilated into the organism and remains distinct and ready to change alliance, change hosts, as are females. It has a feminine spirit using the host as a female uses a male.
    When it senses the host's inevitable demise, which it helps to accelerate, it tries to tries to infiltrate and infect a new host.
    An example of parasitical memetic survival are Gypsies...not like the parasite in question because gypsies retain a positive relationship with soil, land, earth.  
    Parasite has no relation to the soil, the land the host lives upon.
    The host is its proxy, its mediating contact with the earth.
    Its spirituality reflects this detachment from the corporeal, developing an ideology of nihilistic contradiction to the physical. The virus serves this purpose.
    It is the parasite's justification of itself.
    In this virus the parasite found a method to evade being detected, prolonging its stay within a host.

    Parasite and virus became a symbiotic unity.
    Like all art, language reflects the relationship of mind with body, and mind with world - ideal with reality...the noumenon with the phenomenon.
    Parasite's artistry is this offering of disconnection from the worldly, and escape into idealistic detachments.
    It parasitizes the host's art to corrupt it.
    The virus serves the purpose of self-deceit, self-numbing disconnection, keeping the infected host numb and blissfully ignorant.
    Language is used to detach from the real and immerse the host within the ideal - disconnect from phenomena, and re-connection to the noetic, the noumenon.
    Sensation, emotion, serves to fuel this solipsistic self-referencing. The Zombie can only perceive world indirectly. It lives in its decaying mind.

    Nonsensical language, meaningless by any pragmatic standard, can find 'meaning' by connecting to sensations, emotions, and abstractions, creating a web of linguistic self-references, only daring to allude to the external world, implying that it remains true to it.

    Hunger is what characterizes the Zombie. An insatiable ambition, a need to amass wealth, a metaphor for flesh and blood.
    The Vampire is a perfect metaphor for the Symbiont, and the Zombie is perfect metaphor for the drained, decaying,dried up host.

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    Post by Satyr on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:34 am

    Virus exists as noumenon, expressed in language, as a detachment form reality.
    Parasite drained the host it infected by attaching itself on its nervous system, including the brain.
    Its relationship to the soil, the earth, is a negative one....representing the distance of the brain from the ground.

    When the parasite assimilated the virus into a Symbiosis, its symptoms upon the host became evident as linguistic detachment from the world - nonsensical gibberish, that only 'made sense' internally, esoterically, noetically, in other words ideologically, theoretically.
    Words that became meaningless in the world, and acquired a internal 'meaning' free to seduce and manipulate because it did not have to adhere to natural order, or the experienced.
    In the mind anything and everything can be justified....tying-up Gordian Knot that seems to be profound, but are self-referential nonsense using human anxieties, relative to the unknown indifferent cosmos, to wrap it up and tie it up in linguistic knots.
    Words referring to other words, in turn referring to more words, each trying to be impressive, alluding to secret complexities, to mystical powers.

    As an example I present the 'word' 'love' which has been mystifies, romanticized, much to the pleasure of the average dolt, who prefers to be a zombie than to face the world.
    The word detaches the mind from the phenomenon, the action, and sanctifies it, mystifies it. It can now mean anything and nothing.
    It has become subjective.
    Same can be said for the words 'beauty', and 'power' and 'humanity', and male/female', and on an on.
    The possibilities are endless.
    The only criterion is that it be self-consistent, and pleasing, offering hope, a promise.
    freed from natural order, from the experienced it is only restricted by how many minds it can seduce, impress....infect.
    It's only standard is now popularity, having dismissed the world as irrelevant.
    Most want this to be true, and so the parasite preaches to the choir....the majority want to escape the indifferent, unknown, savage real into the ideal of their mind.

    This detachment is called Divine, as the God offers salvation to the masses.
    This desire to escape is what the parasite takes advantage of. The virus is already present, and a communion between the parasite's virus and the host's virus can now take place.
    The hosts desperately wants to believe that symbols/words can save it, and the parasite gives it such mystifying nonsensical symbols/words that it can use to formulate an escape.

    Symbiont, parasite/virus, and Host become a triad.
    A self-enclosed system.
    World is excluded....when the host refers to the 'external' it is referring to the parasite, the forever other, which is not 'outside' but within it.
    Platonic triad is replaced by the Symbiotic triad.

    Charioteer (reason) <> Reigns (will) <> Steeds (passions)....become:
    Parasite (Vampire) <> Virus (Semiology) <> Host (Zombie).

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    Post by Satyr on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:54 am

    if the need and the desire is large enough, all nonsense can be made to seem sensible.
    Subjectivity means that there is no external standard before which all can evaluate themselves (body/mind).
    The word is made mystical, divine, meaning it is detached from the external standard and made into an idea/ideal that can be manipulated.
    The host is comforted by this change. It can now free itself from a vicious, not easily yielding world, and escape into its words/symbols that remain vague enough to man whatever pleases and flatters it, or whatever promises, offers the most hope.
    The parasite is more than happy to supply it with nonsensical, emotion triggering, symbols/words.
    Each has a nuance that benefits the parasite and not the host.
    Like a drug, its effect is limited by the addicts mind/body unity, and to an outside his 'high' appears like a state of delirium, a dream only the addict is dreaming.
    The addict feels powerful, in contact with gods, seeing magical things...and can only share them with other addicts. They develop their own special lingo.
    The drug has nil effect no world, except through the addict, who is now an agency.
    This exemplifies the Parasite/Virus/Host symbiosis.

    An esoteric realm, the three feel like gods, but are impotent to the external indifferent world...except when the triad acts upon its internal delirium, with predictable outcomes.
    The host can justify these failures by turning inward, and casting outward the blame.

    Host in this relationship, is the 'victim', the proxy through which the parasite, using the virus, can convert the host into its agency - Zombification.
    The host is disconnected from his world, his family, his blood, his tribe.
    He feels this as a relief - freedom from responsibility. He can now ally with a family, a tribe, that is threatening his own.
    A zombie attacks those who were once his family. It knows only hunger and thirst...ambition is the symbolism, desire to amass wealth to compensate for its genetic deficiencies.
    Money is the perfect representation of the virus.
    Money is abstraction, symbol, that can then be used to refer to anything the holder desires.
    Love, power, glory, pride, wisdom, etc.
    It no longer refers to tangible goods, as when ti was attached to the gold standard, but can refer to an abstraction, with infinite possibilities. It refers to nothing and everything.
    Money has become God, the Divine.....the symbol of the virus.
    The host projects, through it, his deepest insecurities; his greatest hopes, reacting to his most profound anxieties/fears.

    Money is a language.
    Money is art.
    With it the host can reinvent himself, burying himself in wardrobe, symbols, trinkets, knowledge/data.... But he cannot change himself.
    His 'invention; is but a refection through other. The other is impressed, seduced, by the pretence, or he simply [pretends to be convinced feeding into the host's needs/desires.
    This is what the parasite manipulates using the virus.

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    Post by Satyr on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:56 am

    We now recognize the source of the Zombie's condition.
    There is a virus, yes, but it is carried into the host by a parasite that has, itself been infected.
    But instead of wanting to become healthy the parasite, as host, converted its ailment into a new 'health' - it inverted the meaning of being healthy.
    Having come in contract with the virus via a host, during its sojourn through multiple hosts both it and the virus had infected, it discovered in the virus an advantage it would use to make its parasitism more effective.
    It became a symbiont with the virus to become more effective in draining future hosts.
    Since then we cannot separate the virus from the parasite. Their association is settled.

    Its a meme/gene unity, that uses the meme to hide and redefine the gene.

    The parasite has a negative relationship with the world. It is unable to survive in it outside a host. It, therefore, antagonizes, is disloyal, to the host's connection to the soil.
    The virus serves to detach the host from its earthly roots, its love for the tangible, the corporeal, the worldly, and makes it a zombie, connected only with ideas/ideals in its head that have no external references.

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    Post by Satyr on Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:33 pm

    The use of symbols/words is entirely psychosomatic.
    Like in the placebo effect, language is used to trigger the mind's defensiveness against a world that threatens and insults it..
    Mind projects into world what it has fabricated and needs to cope with it.
    This is names 'positive'.
    Anything that contradicts these projections it names 'negative'.
    It inverts the relationship of subjective with objective.

    Words act as a self-numbing, self-referential, self-deceiving mechanism.
    their role is inverted.
    From neurological connectors, a nexus connecting the noumenon with the phenomenon, they become the point where the mind turned inward, back into itself, or reconnects to another mind.
    Noumenon connected to noumenon.
    A self-referential loop. A knot that has no end attached to reality, or attaching outside the mind/body unity.
    The word is useless, impotent, meaningless outside the mind, because it refers to nothing outside it, or to any mind sharing the words/symbols and triggering the same reactions.

    This is not philosophy this is self-medicating psychology.
    The important factor here is that an external protective system must be in place to defend the zombie from its own delusions, its own self-imposed, idiocy.
    Zombies are usually staunch defenders of institutions, big government,, any intervening entity, such as humanity, because they intuitively know they are as good as dead outside of this protective umbrella.
    their 'philosophies' are really political, using marketing to manipulate psychologies, integrating them into a communal placebo effect.
    Each validating in the other the 'magic' of the 'power'.

    Faith Healers usually employ group dynamics to reproduce this effect.
    Mass hysteria is maintained by the energies of the masses....feeding upon itself.
    Night is preferable because ti creates this noetic space, excluding the world beyond, and in shadows all appears the same.
    Contradictions, differences, fade into grey, in the dark.
    But then disappears the next day.

    Mysticism is this creation of mental darkness, vagueness where nonsense can merge with what makes sense, until they become synthesized into a singularity.
    The mind projects into it his own hopes, like with Surreal art.
    The observer projects into the fART whatever troubles him, whatever he desires....the canvas acts as a sounding board, remaining vague enough to be anything to anyone.
    It simply triggers the mind to see n it whatever it wishes.

    The same effect can be recreated using words/symbols, calling itself 'philosophy'.
    word associations allude to what has worked in the past. Placed in whatever order will produce the desired effect of triggering in the reader this psychotic projections, reflecting back to it whatever it needs to survive, to cope with existence.
    Gibberish acts like a Roschach test....
    Zombie Apocalypse  Rorsch10

    Zombie Apocalypse  Rorsch11
    The patient's reaction to the imagery directs the psychotherapists towards the 'problem', or towards his manipulation.
    In the area of philosophy the concepts are mystifying, vague, as to mean anything to anyone, and then whatever the reader understands is always correct, if he is positive towards the process.
    If he is negative and realizes what is occurring, he is declared unworthy, or useless.

    Like with hypnotists who choose, from the audience, those who display the signs of openness, willingness to self-hypnotize.
    The hypnotists does nothing but speak in a tone, using the words to help the volunteer place himself in a trance.

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    Post by Satyr on Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:48 am

    The Rorschach Test is a good example of how the parasite uses the virus to manipulate a host.
    Virus points to a deep anxiety, a need, using symbols/words to cope with a world that is 'too much' (introvert) or 'too little' (extrovert).
    Like an addict chooses a drug depending on his psychology to self-numb, implode inward, or to accelerate, to explode outward.

    Parasite uses the virus to remain discreet. Undetected by the host it is infesting until it has drained it of its sap, its vital essence, leaving behind a dry husk, a lumbering brain-dead feeding/consuming, creature - a Zombie.
    Zombie is a metaphor that describes the produce of infestation.  

    Virus detached mind from reality, turning it inward where any justification is possible.
    Natural order does not inhibit the mind from inventing any alternate meaning, guided only by its need to make it pleasing, hopeful, full of endless promise.
    Words detached from reality can be placed in any order, and can be defined in any way imaginable.
    Like abstract art, the intent is not to refer to reality, but to refer to one's reaction to reality.
    Abstract art is a canvas full of intricate nonsensical patterns where the observer can project his internal anxieties, the Rorschach ink blot.
    Parasites do the same with language.
    Trained, from youth, to abstract and manipulate words, they have become adept at using symbols to trigger reactions.
    This linguistic corruption is the virus.
    A need to mystify, to make words more complicated, to sanctify them by detaching them from reality, is now manipulated by the parasite to achieve its own reproductive end....because for the parasite its existence is placed above all other motives.
    Existence above all other cares, all other motives...even at the cost of world destruction.
    Survival is what the parasites desires above integrity, above honesty, above nobility.
    It's language is shaped to accommodate this prime motive. Its 'philosophy' reflects this first care.
    It finds hosts that are similarly overwhelmed by a desire to exist even at the cost of reason, of honesty, of pride.

    Host wants to be infected. The sense of pleasure, of power this linguistic detachment produces becomes addictive. Like any junky it is predisposed to becoming escapist, and then becomes addicted to what is killing it.
    Zombie, virus and Parasite can become the triad of a larger Symbiont.
    Inseparable. Indistinguishable, over time.
    Can we imagine a Zombie without its infection?
    By detaching itself from reality it feels liberated, free to create its own alternate reality, or choose one from the many that are offered by parasites.
    Lack of creativity makes the host dependent no the parasite to provide for it a cohesive, attractive, pleasing, invigorating, alternate reality - entirely semiotically founded.
    Trick is to be released from indifferent unpredictable world, from past (determinism), and the trickster obliges asking only for its 'pound of flesh, and blood' as the price for its 'good work'.

    Different ages demand different levels of sophistication. In illiterate resource poor times, a different kind of alternate reality has an effect; a more pseudo-scientific superstition has to be constructed in periods of more superfluity and literacy and more access of data.
    Excess demands a different language compared to dearth. The same myths will not work as well.
    Parasite has to update its methodology to meet the challenges of each period.
    The same kind of host can be infected by altering the language, the references....the symbols.

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    Post by Satyr on Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:03 am

    Parasite = a host that was infected by the virus, when it came in contact with it in its many parasitical endeavours throughout its history.
    Parasite was expelled from many hosts, forcing ti to create a myth that glorifies this rejection.
    Its god is the god of all gods, who had been rejected. A vindictive, life hating, god, representing the parasite itself.

    As was noted the virus emerges naturally, as a byproduct of self-consciousness, so it did in the parasite, which is organic.
    Its revolutionary contributions came when the parasite came across a version of the virus it could adapt to its particular psychosis, as the eternally rejected.
    We've, also, noted how the virus is morphed by every host it infects, so the host forces the virus to evolve, and the virus forces the host to evolve.
    In the case of the Parasite this evolution became symbiotic.
    The Parasite, discovering this version of the virus, realized the potentials, and instead of wanting to purge itself from it, it embraced its illness, fabricating an inverted definition of health.
    Just as the shame of being rejected became pride in self-acceptance, projected outward as a Deity, so did the disease become converted and inverted into a new kind of 'health'.
    Parasite could feel proud of its shame, and healthy in its illness.
    Words can be used to invert everything, when you detach them from their references in a world that cannot be inverted.

    We can see this in practice in our modern times when ugliness can be redefined as beauty, and weakness becomes strength, males can become women, and cowardice becomes courage.
    Anything is possible when you internalize the standard, making it subjective.
    Words/Symbols can be reorganized, rearranged, redefined, unhindered by an external objective world.
    Emotion offers the fuel of passion - the will's strength.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:12 am

    Virus = The virus already exists in the host, like a cancer.
    All it awaits is triggering.
    It is this confusion of the noumenon with the phenomenon, creating linguistic paradoxes. The paradoxes are resolved by settling for the most easy, pleasing, side, the noetic (subjective), where the mind has power.
    The virus becomes entrenched when mind projects its abstractions into world and when it fails to find them, it settles for them being internal.
    Mind constructs vague absolutes, like God, one, and then demands that they exist outside it.
    When he cannot find them, or when he is exposed to the possibility that they are not out there, he calls this Nihilism....adopting a term that inverts everything.
    A world void of absolutes, and that makes him possible, becomes a 'negative' and a imagined, alternate world that only exists in his mind, and would bean the extinguishing of his existence, is called a 'positive'.

    Mind becomes the more real reality.
    We see this in the conceptualization of a universe as a whole, a one.
    We projects our mind, noetically, in some 'outside' realm, which is non-existence, in relation to existence, and then we call existence a one, a whole. This results in a contradiction of multiplicity and the noetic absolute.
    The modern resolves this by siding with his mental abstraction. Vagueness is justified using mystification.
    Darkness hides all contradictions in shadows that merge.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:16 am

    Host = host is anyone with a weak autoimmune system.
    The virus must be triggered and then it spreads infecting the organism.
    Releasing self-defensive measures to protect itself, the host becomes inebriated, numbed.
    Fever places it in a pleasing state of delirium, that it does not want to leave.
    A patient gradually detaches from reality, turning inward where it lives past moments, dreams...The real world fading into the background.
    This is what the parasite exploits.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:47 am

    Parasite infects the host with a virus that is detrimental to its long-term well-being.
    Parasite has adapted this life-hating virus, contradicting the experienced world, to its own life-preserving strategies because it has adopted a survival that uses proxies, and rejects contact with the world directly.
    The virus acts as a means to detach the host from reality, making it easily controlled by the parasite.
    For the virus the parasite acts as an method of entering the host.

    Parasite/Virus become symbionts, a synthesis - an organic cooperative.
    The host, for both is a proxy between themselves and a world they cannot cope with directly.
    Both cannot survive outside the host.
    Parasite without a host to parasitize, and the host returns to its crystalline state, which is symbols, code, in text.
    Parasite acts as the primer preparing the host to be affected by the virus - teaching it the language, or how to react to the symbols.
    Virus is a reaction to first detaching them form their references in world.The Parasite/Virus Symbiont detaches the host from reality, the phenomenon, the experienced, and substitutes this lost relationship with world and the past with an ideology - symbols constructing a theoretical alternate reality.
    Emotions are used to facilitate the process.
    First the host's natural anxiety/fear and then 'love' as a natural mechanism of attachment, of identification.

    Detachment form reality means detachment fro presence, from what appears.
    Substituted with abstraction, with thought, ideal, theory triggering sensations, emotions, fantasies.
    Semiotics, like in the movie The Matrix, represented by code, becomes a cover,  burying the real beneath the abstract, covering the phenomenon with noumena.
    Instead of hiding self from world, the world can be hidden from self. The 'external' becomes the 'internal', and the internal is externalized.

    Zombie Apocalypse  Downlo42
    The exoteric is inverted to the esoteric and the esoteric becomes the exoteric.
    Noumenon representing phenomenon, is inverted to phenomenon representing the noumenon.
    Subjective in relation to the objective inverts to the objective represents the subjective.
    The relationship of man with world is inverted, flipped.
    Words like 'god', 'love', 'value', 'humanity', 'one', 'male/female', 'good/bad' are all adapted to this inversion.

    As an example we can use the concept 'human'.
    Originally it refers to a species - a reproductive population that has evolved, in time distinguishing shared traits, within specific parameters - potentials.
    Inverted by the virus it becomes divine - freed from its earthly references, which are not defined as 'dirty', 'evil'.  
    Human becomes a abstraction, a sacred term.
    It can now mean anything, to anyone...and the highest meaning it can attain is as a replacement for the term 'god'.
    The word 'god' has also been detached from its original references to natural processes, to one's ancestry, one's past, and now refers to anything and others words to nothing.
    'Nowhere', is where god is projected....'outside existence' in the non-existent.
    'Beyond' reality, in the unreal.
    God is now a representation of the absolute abstraction.
    It can refer to anything and everything and so to nothing.
    It becomes a subjective projection of the individual's conspicuous and inconspicuous needs/desires - projection of his internal psychology.
    It becomes powerful because it is always intimate.  
    Th individual externalizing what he fears to admit is inside of him.
    Every psychology has its own unique version of the one god.
    The vagueness acts as a way of integrating the contradictions into a noetic the concept of one/nil.
    There is no 'one' outside the mind, and so 'one' is an abstraction hat can refer to everything and nothing.
    'Nil' becomes its negation.
    The abstractions inside the mind, as a mental construct, become projections of the real, and sometimes projected 'outside' existence....non-existent existent.
    The symbol (1) represents this mental abstraction. If detached from reality, it can refer to anything, if it remains disciplined by natural order, by experience, it can refer to everything: one rock, on one hill, on one mountain, in one landmass, on one planet, in one solar system, in one galaxy, in one universe.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:36 am

    It follows, from what has allegorically been described and defined, that the virus evolves differently within every host.
    A genetically similar population forces the virus to adjust itself, in order to evade the preexisting defencive autoimmune systems.
    Therefore, the virus evolves differently in one genetic group, than it does in another.
    The modification is as great or subtle as are the genetic differences.

    Zombie Apocalypse  Parasi10

    It also follows that a parasite that would have discovered the effectiveness of this parasite/virus symbiosis would want to safeguard it from all other potential parasitical competitors.
    It would bury its methodology in mystical language, it would impose strict rules preventing proselytizing. The parasite would become an in-group, with strict reproductive rules.
    Now, imagine if the parasite has infected the host with the automatic reaction of guilt, if it dared to wish to become parasite-free.
    Imagine a parasite that would use the host's sensitivities, its own ideals, to defend itself from it.  
    Imagine a parasite that could, using the virus, corrupt the host's language, redefine its history, re-translate its intellectuals, remake its culture, masking it all more friendly towards parasites.

    Zombie Apocalypse  Top-1010

    Such a parasite would feel no loyalty to the host or its kind (the nation it pretended to belong to). If it were discovered it would quickly side with the host's enemies, wanting them to attack the host, distracting it from the infestation it is suffering. The parasite only feels kinship with parasites of its own kind. It resists assimilation - being absorbed by the host.
    Imagine a parasite that trains its young in the art of abstract nonsensical language, influencing the psychology, so as to infiltrate, seduce and remain undetected; pretending to belong in the hosts organic hierarchy, as if it were but another organ supporting the host's well-being and contributing to its welfare, when it was draining it, sucking the infested host dry.
    Imagine a parasite adept at deception, using self-deception to become more effective....because the parasite is also infected by the virus it has become a simbiont with.
    Imagine how difficult it would be for such an infested and infected organism from fighting against this insidious combination.
    The virus detaching it from itself, its sense of world, flooding its bloodstream with numbing, or endorphin triggering chemicals; the parasite masking as another organ, sucking the organisms of its vitality, using the virus as an additional cover, using the organism's own defensive measures against it, making it ashamed of its resistance to the infection.

    Zombie Apocalypse  Maxres10

    The Zombie is the allegorical outcome.
    A creature with no past, but only an inevitable future; a thirst for blood, an insatiable hunger for healthy flesh, expressed as ambitions, addiction to money: pound of flesh.
    Zombies are individuals pushed to the extreme, but act like a herd when triggered by the same sounds the same scent of healthy flesh and blood. Zombies have no relationships with other Zombies, beyond their shared hunger/thirst.
    This is the only thing that brings them together.
    Zombie has no sense of community, of self, no past, and this is represented by their body's decay.  
    It'll devour its own parents, its own children, because it does not recognize anything outside its thirst/hunger. It is obsessed with materialism, with the modern representation of a 'pound of flesh', and of 'feces' - fame and fortune.
    As an individual it is not threatening to the Symbiont. It's American individualism constitutes it a harmless automaton, finding its identity in career, in material gains, with whatever is trending, is popular... is making the loudest noise.

    Zombie Apocalypse  Drsmit10

    The Symbiont uses the Zombie as an agency, to pass itself on to other hosts; to use as a proxy in a world it cannot tolerate, it despises, it fears.
    It develops a 'philosophy' of word manipulation, and psychosomatic influence using semiotics.
    Words used to disconnect rather than to connect with the world outside the mind/nervous system/body unity. Language used to turn inward, away from the external world.
    Even math & geometry, the two most abstract forms of semiotics, can be sued to project the internal as an external, inverting the relationship of representation and represented.
    Semiotics as the representation of the nervous system, connecting body to mind and mind to body, can become a self-enclosed universe, if the right protection is provided to shelter the unity from its own retardation, its implosion inward.
    Symbols/Words referring to other symbols/words, creating a self-referential, self-consistent system...sometimes quite elegant in its symmetry but totally impotent outside the mind/nervous system/body unity.
    A solipsistic system that used other minds, texts, to pretend it was referring to something outside the noetic. Solipsism, narcissism, lost in itself, or in the reflection made by it in the eyes of another.
    Validation of itself would be found in how many others it could intestate, or seduce, or effect/infect. It's 'philosophy' would be one of a placebo, offering healing as if it were coming from itself, presented as a magic power, a shaman...a god.
    Like those old time faith healers, lost in the adulation of gullible, desperate, lost souls, needing their conviction, their worship of the ideal, via him; creating a master/slave relationship of reciprocity - the parasite/host, preacher/sheeple....and the virus would be Scripture, feeding into existential anxieties, the survival instinct, drawn to the promise of eternal life.
    Sacrificing reason, pride, dignity, to whatever degree it is found in them, for the sake of eternal life - survival at all costs.
    Mind sacrificed to body. Body sacrificed to mind.

    Zombies emerge in Dystopia novels, describing a world in decline, a culture in decay.
    Metaphors for what is actually occurring, but cannot be spoken of.
    Sound draws them near. The louder it is, the more they come to devour.
    Whisper, in the shadows, come out in the day, because they hate light, or whatever exposes them to reality - it burns them.  
    Parasite/Virus safely tucked inside of them. Triggering them.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:09 am

    Remaining true to the allegory we can now see how the virus can morph into something that challenges the parasite.
    It can be used by other parasites, but the virus can also morph, within the host, into an anti-parasitical pathogen.
    One can never be sure how the virus will be changed by its contact with the host.
    We can only be sure of its effect no the host, which is one of detaching it from reality.
    The first symptom is one of linguistic meaninglessness.

    To understand what this 'means' we must first cleanse the word 'meaning' from its viral mastication and 'bring it back to earth' or return it to its place as mediating symbol between mind and body, noumenon and phenomenon:
    Meaning of Meaning
    Living in an age of Nihilism means we live in an age of institutionalized autism, of feminization, of idiot savants, and of literate illiterates, or educated ignoramuses.
    Moderns know a lot, but understand little. They have a fluency based on two-hundred, or so, words, and of those with a bigger vocabulary few actually understand the words they are using. They know the dictionary definition, but they cannot connect the term to a real world phenomenon. Instead the symbols/words hover in a state of limbo awaiting some charlatan to connect them to their own abstractions.
    As such the very meaning of the concept ‘nihilism’ has been converted to its antithesis: defining a world void of manmade concepts, such as ‘god’, ‘whole’, ‘one’, ‘morality’ taken as universal absolutes, in other words understood as a world lacking what the mind has constructed, abstracted and considers literally, rather than as representation. This world, lacking their fabrications they call ‘negative’.
    Moderns not only live in the delusion inside their own had, but they refuse to exit them. They prefer the words to remain meaningless, because then concepts like ‘sex’ and ‘morality’ and ‘race’ can be dismissed as social constructs.
    If this is how ‘nihilism’ has been used and abused, then what of the meaning of the word ‘meaning’ itself.
    Moderns use the word but they do not really understand what it means.
    All they know is the dictionary definition, and this is what they consider its meaning.
    But what does meaning really mean, if we wish to connect the linguistic convention, facilitating communication, found in dictionaries, and connect it to a real world, real life, utility?
    To begin let us sample the meaning of the term, in the Greek, bringing us back to a shared tradition which Anglo-Saxon English fails to fully connect with.
    The equivalent of meaning, in Greek, would be {Νόημα}, comprised of two words: νοώ, or νους, and νήμα = thread.
    Rooted in the word νέομαι = to turn, re-turn, as when you weave thread together.
    Therefore, meaning means to turn, weave, in the mind, or to return, the thought to the world.
    To place in mind and then return to world. To weave, in mind, the world.  
    Meaning refers to the relationship of observed patterns (phenomena), as interested by a mind (noumenon). What we mean, by meaning, is our own understanding of how the different phenomena we experience relate to one another, as we’ve interested their relationships in our mind.
    To say something is ‘meaningless’ is to accuse it of lacking all cohesive relationship.
    These relationships may refer to external phenomena or may be entirely in our head, because in our head the relationships are more easily connected, whereas in reality they may refuse to abide by the observing mind’s will.
    Now we add a new word: nonsense.
    Nonsense refers to meaning that lacks all sensual references. It lack sensuality, it is non-sense.
    When a meaning ‘makes sense’, it has an internal relationship corresponding to an external one. The esoteric abstractions is in harmony with an observable external relationship between phenomena, or patterns interacting.
    It is possible for a nonsensical relationship to be constructed din the mind, and in fact most Moderns live within these constructs – they live in a nonsensical world of their own making that has no reference outside their own minds.
    They may have given their constructs meaning, by abiding by a dictionary definition, but instead of referencing a world outside their brains, they have established noetic relationships inside their head, where the real world cannot contradict them.  
    They live in a world full of meaning, but of no sense – a nonsensical world, or a world of meaningful nonsense.

    The rendering of a word as meaningless, one means its detachment form the external and its application as an internal (esoteric) artifice, a psychosomatic trigger, a placebo.
    The host derives meaning from itself, fabricating any construct that feeds into its need/desire.

    The layman has always needed others to  act as mediators.
    Reducing insights, wisdom, into easily to comprehend, by the mediocre, parables, stories...rituals. that used threat/promise to direct behaviour.
    Every religion known to man, invented by man, has a component of the mysterious, masking its cruelty in vague insinuations, covering its viciousness in veiled threats and allusions of rewards.
    Reality is intolerable by the majority, and only a few can tolerate it to a degree that would seem monstrous to the average.  
    The mediocre had to be given narratives using allegories, like the one i am employing now, to hint at what would make the many recoil in terror.
    We notice this in our Modern definitions of 'love', and how it has been torn away from its worldly utility, its observable, tangible effect, and converted to a mystery, an ambiguous magical intangibility - a noetic purity.  
    When it exposes itself, it is blamed on the practitioners. The idea, the noumenon, remains pure and clean...divine. A Platonic idea.  
    Sometimes it is exposed, by wise men, using allegories to protect the mediocre, especially women and children, from its truth.
    The concept is place in the ethereal realm, making the real world its shadow.
    The common, feminine, mind experiences this as a relief, a salve against the experienced world where he or she continuously fails to practice and experience this magically defined word.
    Modern culture, in the 'west' is characterized by an obsession with the romanticized idealized, theoretical concept of 'love' In song and in movies and in all art, love is made divine, and is made God.
    Hope is the only antidote to desperation.
    Love becomes a projection of a noetic construct, acting as a beacon, to inspire....lying forever beyond experience, beyond the real. The average mind needs to believe it is literal, it is attainable, in order to remain sane.
    The pragmatic, real, effect, buried in metaphors and allusions, and idealism, to make it more certain.
    A self-validating lie that hides, inside, a kernel of truth that would shatter its outward magical effect.

    We see how nature applies paroxysm, the madness of lust, to overcome preexisting survival strategies. Chemical, hormonal, interventions, to contradict genetic programming.
    An organism can contradicts its already evolved processes that promote its survival, and enters into a state of erotic insanity.
    It confuses self with other, imprinting self with another, boding self with other, resulting in self sacrifice.
    This is the mechanisms the virus hijacks to linguistically detach the mind from reality.
    If the relationship of lust with love were to be revealed the effect would be diminished or inhibited from becoming as efficient as possible - just as a liar must believe his own lies for him to become more convincing.
    It's no longer about integrity, about consciousness, but about survival, and if consciousness inhibits survival then it must be dealt with.

    Returning the words that have been detached by the virus back to their rightful place as connectors of noumenon with phenomenon, of ideal with real, would demystify them, breaking the spell.
    Females would feel exposed, raped, children traumatized, the Zombie would fall apart awakening to its condition after years of infection. It would not be able to return to its previous state of health, having rotted for far too long.
    Zombie becomes a defender of its own disease, wanting to make it into a new definition of health.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Wed Apr 18, 2018 3:46 pm

    We may approach the issue of semiotics from another direction.
    Language, is connected to a Dictionary. A text representing a people's historical relationship in the world, beginning with its relationship with its starting environment, where the language began to take shape and was passed on through narrations - stories that allegorically described this relationship of genes and world.
    This is where the meme is born. The meme is the sum total of narratives that describe this relationship. It can be transmitted to a population that has a difference experience, and therefore a different relationship with a different environment and a different sojourn through the world.

    The individual, belonging to a population that has inherited this past becomes the conduit through which this historical relationship connects to the ongoing flux of world.
    So on one end an anchor in a dictionary, the individual as the carrier, and the reference in world.
    But this is not always the case.
    Some words have no reference in world, but refer to another mind's abstractions.
    So dictionary representing a history, through the conduit of an individual, and not referring to a phenomenon in world, but to a noumenon existing in another mind.
    But we can find a different connection. Instead of an individual mind we can connect the dictionary, a text, a book, to another text/book.
    So book, presenting the historical relationship of a population (genes), through the conduit(s) of one or more minds, connecting to a text.
    Book referring to book.
    The world is excluded in this series.
    Either the dictionary facilitation the communication of ideas, sensations, emotions, abstractions, is directed by the individual or individuals that have inherited the book and use it, to refer to world, or to ideas, sensations, emotions, existing in another's mind, or to a text where minds have codified their emotions, sensations, ideas....their own relationships with world.
    The individual's relationship to the immediate world is circumvented.
    Text refers to text, or to abstractions, without ever making contact to the world around it.
    The individual becomes a link in a self-referential loop of abstraction.
    Mind(s) relating to mind(s).
    In this circuit emotions, sensation, triggers are fundamental. They are the only way to validate, to evaluate, because the objective world, indifferent to all human interpretations of it, all relationships wit it, is ignored, or is partially sampled, to simply pretend one is attempting to be rational, or to pretend one is truly interested in understanding world and his/her place in it.

    In a closed circuit system, what dominates is the one who can manipulate noumena to trigger a desired reaction in the minds using the same codes.
    The parasite cultivates this talent because it cannot survive by directly relating to nature, to world. It must exploit a proxy who acts as a go-between, keeping the world at a distance.
    It cannot relate to world, but it can empathize with a mind which it tries to exploit by establishing a master/slave relationship with it.
    Its talent is in how it has evolved to manipulate the memetic virus to exploit its target hosts.
    The meaningless of its language is compensated by the emotional, sensational meaning they can trigger.
    The virus becomes its intervention into the circuit, corrupting it and looping it back and towards an alternate direction. like when we drain a signal from a connection, the signal is diminished and can be warped, by the one who has intervened.
    This is the process of Zombification.
    By detaching language from its worldly references this may, at first, be pleasing, but ti has a heavy cost. The host begins losing tough with reality, and may be manipulated to turn against its own kin, or even against itself.
    The circuit mind/idea --- Nervous System/Language --- body/physical is broken and the end is replaced by a code existing in another mind, or in text:
    mind/idea --- Nervous System/Language --- mind/idea
    Those with a negative relationship to the physical, to their own body, find this rearrangement appealing...divine, powerful.
    Theory - Language - Theory
    Idea(l) - Semiotics - Idea(l)
    Noumenon - Semiotics - Noumenon

    The world of phenomena, is left out of the circuit loop.
    This is what Zombies and the Zombie/Symbiont unity, calls a uni-verse.
    It imitates a whole, where all parts are alive, conscious...wilful.
    The entire system is a self-referential enclosed SuperOrganism....a God.
    Within its premises it reigns, it has power.
    The circuit is closed, created a circle, by referring back to itself. A bipolar solipsistic chain where both ends are alive.
    God, the Father - Holy Ghost, the mediator - Christ, the Messiah,...returning back to God.
    A linguistic Gordian Knot. A tangled web of nonsense. If challenged it acts mystical, or word replacing another to create an impression, to trigger a response.
    All definitions do not end at a reference of something all can experience, but are a complexity of nonsensical word-juggling mind-vomit.
    Words chosen for their effect on the mind, as this has been determined by training.
    Gibberish pretending to be profound insights, like abstract art that employs human psychological vulnerabilities, human vanity, to pretend it intentionally has a depth only a few can truly appreciate.
    This exclusivity is part of the ploy.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:14 pm

    An examination on how projection works:
    We've already alluded to how the Zombie project the negative upon other, preserving the positive for itself - self-flattery, self-comforting, self-loving, self-praising, self-sanctifying.
    Its reaction to what it fears is projected upon other as fear.
    So when a Zombie's gaping wounds, rotting from the effects of the Symbiont, are protected by imagining them on other.
    The closer the other comes to the wound the more defensive the protective projection.

    The most common projection is that of fear, because fear is what the Zombie is dominated by. Its idealization of 'love', compassion, humanity are all ways of dealing with anxiety/fear.
    We already know how intoxicating the emotions are, and this includes love. Love clouds the identity, associating a potentially threatening other, with self.
    In nature we see this in its most rudimentary, primal, form of lust, which inhibits the fight/flight mechanism allowing for heterosexual reproduction to proceed.
    Love acts in the same way. As a mechanism that deals with anxiety. This is why Zombies idolize and worship it.
    What Zombies are repressing is the anxiety/fear of self-consciousness.
    It's what made them vulnerable to the virus to begin with.
    Now they project it as an accusation against anything that threatens to expose them to themselves.
    Any negativity directed their way, any description that triggers this anxiety, is quickly projected as an accusation, leaving them with 'courage'.  
    Fear is also what infected the parasite and fear it uses to manipulate the host it infestates. The parasite has managed to turn shame into guilt that can be expunged, and so it has also learned to turn its fear into a weapon/tool against other.
    Maintaining the host in a constant state of anxiety, and of hunger....a hunger that can never be satisfied, keeping the Zombie anxiously moving forward, never stopping, never resting, never perceiving.
    Zombie then project its anxiety upon what it feels afraid of. This keeps it moving forward against what fills it with terror.

    Ergo we have a variety of projections, like homophobia, that deals with any exposure of the phenomenon to the light by masking it under the darkness of fear.
    The accuser does not have to respond to the reasoning, but only to the source. Things are made simple for simpletons.
    Zombies have no mind to think beyond hunger, fear, thirst....the primal basics.  Whatever brain it had, to begin with is rotting, being drained by the is brain-dead. Easier to manipulate and exploit using fancy words, credentials, fantasies, emotions, and insinuating positive metaphors, romantic idealism, innuendos etc.
    The virus, or the virus parasite combo (Symbiont), has left the Zombie an empty lumbering husk of need/desire.
    On its own it is harmless, but in large numbers and under the control of the parasite, it can be a dangerous herd of 'individuals'. Parasite thrives among such American type individuals, being a communal species itself.
    Its parasitism is too weak to deal with reality and with an organized resistance, but it has no problems infestating lost individuals, seeking an identity, acknowledgement, love, sex or whatever other primal need drives them.
    With no past to draw power and to ground itself, the Zombie is always living in the 'here', in the perpetual moment; in the most immediate shallowness of its brain-dead existence. All it knows is how to satisfy its needs/desires - obsessed with them, making them his life's purpose - Hedonist.
    Like a ship with no anchor, and no rudder, to balance it in the depth, it is pushed by winds and tossed by tides. Parasite enters the scene to take over the wheel, after the virus has completely destroyed the host's mind - eaten it away.
    Words with no tangible meaning are like waves pushed by invisible gusts.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:42 am

    Not much can be openly discussed about the parasite. It is on the protective species list. Hunting or hurting it is punishable by the collective will.
    What we can say is that it is no different from any other parasite, vermin, insect.
    Like mosquitoes drink blood to survive the parasite has adopted this method to endure existence.
    We cannot fault a mosquito for being what it is. We can only study it, to protect ourselves from its annoying and irritating stings.
    To get an image of what we are dealing with I will use a parasite that is not on the protective list...not yet: Gypsies.
    Gypsies are a meme, a group, that has evolved a culture (meme) that lives on the periphery of other groups.
    They thieve, exploit weaknesses of the host culture; they exploit its weakest members, and they hold themselves accountable to their own morals, their own ideals, having different in-group behavioural standard and different out-group standards - in-group morality.
    They have developed the traits necessary to exploit to the fullest their niche survival strategies.
    What is more interesting is the virus which has become a Symbiont with the parasite in question.
    There is a question whether a virus can be categorized as organic life, just as there is a question about whether or not the memetic virus, we are analyzing, can be categorized as existing.

    In the same way that not all ideas can be defined as existing outside the do they actually exist at all?

    Zombie Apocalypse  Viruse10

    What we know of virus' is that they have does our memetic virus.....
    Zombie Apocalypse  Osc_mi11

    ...and that they moprph, are changed by the host they does our memetic virus....
    Zombie Apocalypse  250px-10
    We also know that part of its cycle is returning to an inert, crystalline, state awaiting a new host to infect....and so does our memetic virus.
    We call this, text, or code.
    Just as our physical virus can lie dormant on a toilet seat, or a door knob,  so can our memetic virus lie dormant in a book, on a disk, in the form of code, symbols on a page, awaiting a mind, trained to read (primed), to come along and to enter its mind (host).
    Our memetic virus is noetic...language is how it spreads. It attaches itself to the host's nervous system, corrupting all incoming and outgoing data. It intentionally confuses the noetic with the pragmatic, the idea with the real, the theory with the practice...the abstraction for the process.
    It 'exists' as semiotics, as word/symbol, and when it takes hold of the brain (psychology) it corrupts language in a way that is experienced as pleasing by the host; an invigorating feverish passionate delirium.  

    We know a goat exists, as does a man, and a horse....but does a satyr truly exist, or a centaur?
    This is the seductive ambiguity of the memetic virus.
    The idea exists as a neurological construct (abstraction) that we can say exists in the mind, triggered, from time to time, by a neural pulse, to evoke sensations, imagery, or whatever we've associated with the concept.
    We can also externalize the concept using a medium and create a statue of a satyr ...
    Zombie Apocalypse  Atlie-10
    ...or a painting of a centaur....
    Zombie Apocalypse  The_la10
    ...and say that the noetic synthesis we name 'satyr' and 'centaur' can exist outside the mind.
    But is this honest?
    We can represent a satyr, name it, speak it, use letters to represent the concept, the noumenon, but does the representation refer to anything other than more representations?
    No, it does not....cannot.
    This is the seductive power of the memetic virus. It intentionally and quite pleasingly, confuses the represented with the representation, the subjective with the objective, the noumenon with the phenomenon.
    It exploits human weakness, a desire to belong, to be accepted, to find in the world what it needs to cope with it. Just as an abstract painting of nonsense can be sold for millions, so can a nonsensical concept be sold to the needy.
    The virus uses a clever technique, similar to how we can see images in cloud formations.... projecting into the nonsense our own deepest desires.
    Again let's use abstract modern art, or what I call fArt as an example....
    Zombie Apocalypse  Downlo43.
    The splattering of colours can be integrated into any image the viewer desires. He can see whatever his heart desires in what the fArtists simply arranges to allude, to insinuate, to trigger, to imply....chaos defined as complexity, the mind can arrange and then rearrange, and deconstruct and synthesize. The fArt is ambiguous enough to become anything to anyone....everything to everyone.

    The only real 'talent' here is that of marketing.....manipulating human psychology; exploiting human feebleness: vanity, pretentiousness, a need to belong, to cultivate an image, a social public character/caricature.

    The same technique can be used in poetry....word associations with no meaning, sprinkled with triggering words to begin the process of self-deceit.  
    The Sokal hoax exposed the pretentiousness of post-modernity...a consequence of this memetic virus.
    The 'editors' though reasonable men and women, in every other context, did not look close enough, driven by a need to believe. The nonsense Sokal presented to them was littered with scientific jargon, impressive vocabulary alluding to something profound, and was agreeable, it fed into their psychosis. was utter and complete nonsense.
    The 'cleansing effect' of distance.
    A beautiful scene when approached can expose bugs, rotting cadavers, etc....a beautiful woman when looked at closely can expose blemishes, wrinkles, imperfections etc. From afar all looks sublime.
    Look closely into a metal surface and it disappears into dynamic closely packed electrons.
    This is how powerful this memetic virus is. It distances, pushes things so far away that it all looks the same, perfect.....look at a figure from a far enough distance and he may look like a centaur, a satyr, a ghost....or he can be anyone, and anything.

    The synthesis of centaur and satyr only exist in the mind, as noumena....just as the Abrahamic god, and meaning, and purpose....and all those words nihilists used to invert the meaning of nihilism.
    Projection was used to invert the relationship of mind and world.
    They fabricated an ambiguous fantastic concept named God, that contradicted the experienced world, and they fabricated meaning, without understanding it, and purpose, and morality, and then demanded that these mental constructs, corrupting the concepts by detaching them from their references in world and converting them to pure noetic abstractions ought to exist.
    This 'ought' made the moral.
    Like the Ten Commandments that ushered in the age of Theocracy, and represents the ideal/real, meme/gene conflict on chiselled stone.    

    We can name this particular memetic virus Nihilism, because it negates the experienced with a projection of what is fantasy.
    We can use the word 'fantasy' to differentiate it from 'imagination', which is based on precedent, on experience that is not altered to accommodate an idea(l).
    Fantasy, is like the centaur/satyr concepts, a synthesis that can only exist as idea, as vague abstraction, in the mind, and can only be externalized via a medium, like all art....using paper and pen, marble, canvas and colour....words/numbers, symbols, oral or written language.
    The confusion of the representation with the represented is the fundamental symptom of this mental disease.
    The inversion of phenomenon & noumenon.
    The mind is externalized as a universal mind, and the phenomena world is internalized as illusory.
    All is made subjective.
    World implodes into a singularity....using the noetic trick of projection.
    How does man conceptualize a one-universe, a uni-verse?
    By projecting itself in some fantasy realm called 'outside'. What is 'outside' existence? Non-Existence.
    Now the contradiction of noumenon and phenomenon becomes a dilemma, a conundrum, to be debated, and one cannot help but side with the noumenon, where man holds power, where man finds hope and ease/comfort.
    This is called Top<>Down emoting.
    Bottom<>Up begins from cosmos, the multiplicity, where no whole, no singularity can ever be experienced, but only when one confuses the noetic abstraction, the representation, for the phenomenon, the represented.
    From 'within' existence there are no absolute wholes, no singularities, no immutable, indivisible, complete the mind they can exist as vague abstractions, as concepts, theories, as malleable and adaptable to need/desire ideas - like satyrs and centaurs.
    In the mind the cosmos can be reduced to a singularity, it can be imploded into a whole, a thing.
    Outside the mind the cosmos remains dynamic process, multiplicity.        

    The memetic virus is attracted to human desire. It can define magnetic attraction using love, purified and made into a sacred force, a God. It can anthropomorphize anything, projecting what is known of self into what is not known in other.
    Again, the projection of noumena usurping and replacing experienced phenomena, inverts the relationship of mind with body, with the physical, the tangible, the experienced, the perceived.
    This is internalized and made into illusion, projecting a hidden reality, underlying the experienced world.
    The negative is used as a positive reinforcement.
    It is because we have no absolute knowledge that anything and everything is possible....or just as possible.
    The negative becomes a positive force of equalization, or manufacturing parity, so that the rational can now stand side by side with the irrational; the probable with the possible; the subjective with the objective.
    Weak becomes strong, ignorance becomes wisdom, stupidity becomes genius.
    In the mind everything can be justified, validated, excused.

    As an example I present a justification and validation of the ComicBook Marvel Universe....
    The narrator's conviction, his excitement, is infectious. He draws us into his fantasy, and if the need/desire is great enough, in us, we can become lost in it.
    He presents a plausible explanation, a reasonable justification of what he takes as self-evident. An alternate reality, many males can be seduced by, preferring it to their own mundane existence, where their status is low and relatively insignificant.
    Through this self-consistent, and very eloquent, alternative universe, they can live-out and expunge their deepest desires, fears, hopes.
    The pseudo-scientific references give the alternative reality a connection to the real world that adds to the power of its plausibility.
    A mingling of myth and science, of nonsense with the sensible, where the boundaries are purposefully blurred, it takes hold of the psyche, of mostly young European and Oriental males, with above average IQs, full of untapped, internal, energies that must find a way to relieve themselves outward.
    One can immerse one's self in this noetic alternate reality, and dream of escaping the real into its extraordinary, supernatural, surrealism.
    And if one can do this with the entire universe how much more easier it is to do so with single words, god, humanity, reality, morality, value, one, nil, power...
    Language can be converted into a tool of detachment from reality, rather than what it was originally: a tool of engaging reality, attaching to it, approaching it, harmonizing subjective mind with objective world.

    Memetic virus is this linguistic detachment, or reinvention of language as a toy, a method of turning inward, away from an indifferent, unruly, unknown, threatening world.
    A world where chaos is also part of the real, along with order.
    A world that confronts and must be engaged honestly and directly.

    Defined as randomness not complexity.
    Complexity means order that has yet to be discovered and is part of the memetic virus's corruptive presumptuous projections.
    Chaos defined as dynamic energies with no pattern.
    This is what the ancients called mystery. The eternally incomprehensible, unpredictable, the counter-intuitive that participates with order, or is integrated into it as appearance, or what we call existence.  
    They translated it into narratives even the layman, the uneducated, the simple, could relate they did with order, and natural processes.
    They converted it to something comprehensible, intimate....and by doing so they reduced the anxiety/fear it produced.

    Philosophy is also infected by this memetic virus.
    How can it not be, being an art form entirely dependent on language?
    In this area douche-bags can ply their snake-oil salesman marketing genius, selling word-associating garbage as profound insights and radical groundbreaking wisdom to pretentious, feeble-minded imbeciles, primed and ready, after centuries of Abrahamic priming, for any lie to replace the old dying one.
    A modern fArtist finds a counterpart in a pseudo-intellectual, hypocrite, desperate to copy an icon's effect, coveting the socioeconomic benefit of the outcome, and not the cost of the process.
    Having no shame, no intellectual integrity helps you become a 'genius' in marketing. There's always fools to be exploited, using positive feedback.
    Language ripped from its grounding can find creative justification and emotionally based validations....just as the moron who paid millions for the fArt described in the vid above, or who was sold on Sokal ruse, can then justify his idiocy to preserve his image.
    Foolosophy for fools, suing words and numbers as toys, to self-deceive and self-pleasure, creatively justifying their mental masturbation, using romantic ideals, emotionally triggering jargon, alluding to what has had an impact on them, and those they wish to be worshipped by.
    As was noted when describing the parasite and how it trained itself, to manipulate words abstractions, with no external reference, it takes skill to become adept at linguistic juggling, and oral manipulations.
    A good blow-job artist is not so hard to find in this decadent age.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:23 am

    The Parasite's use of the virus goes back thousands of years, and is well-documented in some of its offshoot's texts, or in cases where contact with a host changed the virus into something that threatened, rather than benefited, the parasite.
    How the virus mutates within each host is unpredictable.
    From an undisclosed text I quote, altering only some parts to maintain the innocence of the Parasite's protective status - I've underlined the significant points:
    Simon (1986, 358; see also Wilken 1983, 83ff) notes that some Zombies may have had positive images of Parasites because of the Parasite role as physicians and healers. (Chrysostom admonishes Zombies not to go to Parasites for healing.)
    In the ancient world, healing was closely related to magic, sorcery, and astrology. Many Zombies, especially from the lower classes, may have been fascinated by Parasites because of their high reputation in these areas—their reputed ability to “ward off the Powers” (Simon 1986, 341).
    Parasites were so prominently identified with magical powers that “it was largely by the agency of Parasitism that the ancient world was impregnated with [syncretistic magic].
    So prominent were Parasites in this process that pagan opinion assumed magic to be an integral and characteristic element of Parasite's noetic homeland's religion” (Simon 1986, 342). Indeed, Wilken (1983, 86) notes that “it is quite conceivable that the same Parasites who were welcoming Zombies to the Parasite festivals were also healing their sicknesses with magic.
    Given this situation, one can easily understand the curiosity, interest, and, indeed admiration which Parasitic religious celebrations may have created in many Zombies, as well as the efforts of anti-Parasite leaders to alter Zombie conceptions of Parasites.
    We see here that the Parasite practices similar services or parasitical behaviour, as do the Gypsies, involving magic, astrology, faith healing etc.
    Preying upon feebleness, desperation, ignorance, lostness, they became adept at exploiting, symbols/words to drain the target host of its vital energies, in the form of code - money.
    This changes, evolves, when a different kind of superstition dominates the potential hosts, due to the viral infection. Parasite adapts to the disease, as it changes in each era.  
    They promised 'healing' when they were feeding the dis-ease they had triggered when the Host came in contact with the Parasite.
    The text describes the situation from the Zombie point of view, when the virus evolved, due to cross-contamination, and has turned against the Parasite.

    Another quote may help to clarify, again preserving the inconspicuous innocence of the protective parasitic species:
    Simon (1986, 214) argues that 4th-century charges by anti-Parasites such as Chrysostom related to Parasite wealth are illusory because (1) they occur prior to the time when Parasites were confined to moneylending, and indeed none mention usury as a Parasite vice; (2) pagans are also charged with similar vices; (3) Parasites are also depicted as charitable; (4) Zombies were ascetics and would therefore regard even normal human resource acquisition behavior as sinful.
    However, the proposal that an important source of Zombie anti-Parasitism during this period involved negative attitudes toward Parasite wealth is quite consistent with the first three of these arguments.
    The first of Simon’s reasons implies that Zombie resentments about Parasite wealth could only have arisen from Parasitic moneylending. This is far from true, as indicated by the discussion of Parasite enslavement of hosts as a theme of Imperial legislation, as well as the material in Chapter 2. Anti-Parasitism often acknowledge that the negative traits disproportionately found among Parasites are shared by some hosts, and in any case, social identity theory implies that hosts would preferentially attend to Parasite involvement in moneylending because Parasites were a disliked outgroup. Finally, regarding Parasite charity, Chrysostom does indeed accuse the Parasites of abandoning the poor” (Adversus Paraseteus I.VII.1), presumably referring to the host poor; his other comments on Parasite charity may reflect his negative attitudes on Parasite within-group charity.
    Simon’s argument based on Zombie asceticism is surely speculative, especially since many Zombies, including many clergymen, were quite well off economically during this period (Wilken 1983, 6).
    Education in rhetoric was the pathway to upward mobility, indicating that, as in modern societies (Lynn 1992), verbal intelligence was critical. These are, of course, exactly the types of skills at which Parasites have excelled throughout their history and that are the expected consequences of Parasite educational and eugenic practices (PTSDA, Ch. 7). These practices had already been established for at least the nine generations between the destruction of the Second Temple and the end of the 3rd century. Parasites during the 4th century provided their children with a Greek education, which would enable them to compete in the Greek world (Wilken 1983, 49).
    If we keep in mind that numbers, the symbols of money, are themselves a language, we can appreciate how the disconnection of money from the gold standard, represents a shift from the grounded on earth, to the idealistic noetic sphere of magic. We can only explain this as the effect of the Symbiont upon the emergent Zombie alternate reality, the Zombie Apocalypse.  

    The text mentions (underlined) how language is part of the parasite's training - accentuating the magical effect of symbols/words. Women and children are seduced by words.
    The ill, the desperate want some hope to grab unto and there appears a Parasite offering them just that. like a Gypsy fortune teller.
    The shift from magic use to money lending represents a shift in the Parasite's methodology. If you think about it money has a magical aura to it. It is used to erase the past, or to compensate for genetic vices, inferiority.
    It can purchase pride, power, love, anything...and yet ti cannot change reality, only bury it in code.
    money can compensate for genetic weakness but it does not change simply facilitates its continuance, and an inevitable reckoning, as I've often called the postponement of need/suffering.
    The unfit genetic mutations are not erased by the magic of the codes, they are concealed by it, swept under a semiotic rug; they are passed on, compounded....snowballing into future avalanche becomes inevitable.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:12 pm

    Another quote from a bygone era when Parasites were not a protected species.
    This one is from Constantine the Great, of Byzantium, who supposedly was 'turned' on his deathbed, but it is well-known that this was a propaganda story due to the increasing Zombies in the Empire, at the time, and the political clout they held.

    [The Parasites are] a people who, having imbrued their hands in a most heinous outrage [i.e., killing Zombie Patient X], have thus polluted their souls and are deservedly blind…
    Therefore we have nothing in common with that most hostile of people the Parasites. We have received from the Patient X another way…our holy disease:
    unanimously pursuing this, let us…withdraw ourselves from that detestable association. For it is truly absurd for them to boast that we are incapable of rightly observing these things [i.e., religious holy days] without their instruction. For on what subject will they be competent to form a correct judgment, who after that murder of their Zombie Lord, having been bereft of their senses, are led not by any rational motive, but by an ungovernable impulse, wherever their innate fury may drive them? (Emperor Constantine; in Wilken 1968,58)

    Zombies turning against Parasites has been reported for thousands of years.
    Again, the reason is that the virus infects the host but, in turn, is also changed by the host. Every time the virus infects it evolves into a variant.
    Only the Parasite's variant has evolved into a Symbiont. Parasite embracing dis-ease as a new standard for health....a clever way to cope.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:37 am

    The perfect metaphor for the parasite/virus Symbiont is that of a Vampire.
    Vampires depicted using the Parasite's original physical traits...

    Zombie Apocalypse  Circoh10

    Zombie Apocalypse  Vampir11

    But as the darkness spreads the Parasite changes the image, making it more like the host's original form become it was turned into a Zombie, and eroticized, sexualized, made more 'sexy'...idealized.

    Zombie Apocalypse  Images23

    Homoeroticized, further eroding the Zombie, who rots losing all markers of race and sex, all traits pointing to a natural past.

    Zombie Apocalypse  Anne-r10.

    The metaphor of a vampire, who cannot survive the light of day, is one of a vermin that needs darkness to survive and propagate, feeding no the host's food, like cockroaches that come our at night and scuttle into the shadows when the lights are turned on.
    The allegory of bloodsucking is one directing us to money, the lifeblood of a culture, of a Super-organism, a genetic/memetic organism.
    Vampires are parasites feeding no human blood.
    They appear attractive to seduce, to bait their prey, but are really monstrous degenerate vermin that cannot feed on the sun's light directly, by harvesting the earth's bounty, but need a protective flesh and blood shield, a proxy, a host.
    Their allegorical longevity implies that Vampires are not individuals, but identify with the in-group, which lives longer than a single human lifetime.
    Vampires are urban dwellers, staying close to the pool of hosts they need to intestate.
    The prefer to distance the target from its group, so that they can overwhelm it.....selling individuality, in the American, Modern sense of the word.
    Divide and conquer, become detach and exploit.

    Like predators that hunt in packs, they separate one from the herd.
    In this case it is not as noble as direct confrontation, because the vermin uses insidiousness means, being so tiny and feeble in relation to the species it feeds on.
    More like a blood sucking leech, lying in wait in cesspools.
    This leech inserts itself into the organism, the host, becoming invisible from the outside. It's symbiosis with the virus means it can now infiltrate the host's mind, converting it into a mind-less Zombie...using symbols/words.
    An evolution of parasitism. A new kind of vermin.
    A meme/gene combination.
    This is where the Gypsies fail. It remains a parasite on the physical, on the genetic level, having never acquired a memetic component that can be used against its host.
    Gypsies are an inferior version of the Symbiont in question. A Symbiont that shall be names Vampire from now on, for the sake of our allegorical exposition, because its true name cannot be spoken openly.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:04 am

    Survival strategies emerge from the pressures of the environment upon the organisms that are part of the environment.
    parasitism, of this kind, would be impossible in ages of large expanses and small tribal groups.
    Freeloaders were easily detected and punished.
    Man lived directly off the land, either foraging/hunting or cultivating/farming.

    The virus emerges from self-consciousness, the anxiety produced when a mind juxtaposes other with self, and/or world with self.
    It is a natural byproduct of this emergence.
    It latches on the nervous system, corrupting the influx of data.
    The parasite emerges in environments of overpopulation and resource controls.
    A 'Behavioural Sink condition:

    In these conditions the participants evolve different methods of coping, diseases and parasites flourish.
    Predation is replaced by parasitism.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:38 am

    A people's language, a genetic populations spirituality, represented its historical relationship with the environment.
    Parasite harvests this relationship and converts the mythological narratives into a form it can use to manipulate and exploit the people it parasitically lives through.
    It makes of the myths into representations of individual with the group.

    The parasite has evolved the mental/physical abilities to abstract, to detach the language from its soil, from and make it entirely noetic.
    In the mind it can synthesize, produce 'meanings' (patterns) that are impossible when the language is connected to reality.
    Man had to invent rules, he called logic, to harmonize the mind's ability to abstract what in reality cannot happen.
    Man discovers laws that represent his experience with reality - Laws of Nature.
    Laws that govern the patterns of interactivity.
    But the mind is not restricted by natural order. It can imagine what in reality is impossible.
    Logic was the method man used to discipline mind to natural order.

    But not all are motivated by integrity and seeing world as it is.
    When the motive is to contradict the world as it is, then the mind develops the ability to detach, partially or wholly, from reality.
    The degree of detachments determines the degree of protection, from reality necessary for the mind to remain safe in a world it is turning away from.
    For the parasite this protective sheltering is provided by the host it infestation.
    Its spirituality is one of contradicting the experienced world, and its justifications are easily fabricated using the 'negative' unknown, acting as both validation and motivation.
    The unknown fills the host and the parasite with anxiety, and the unknown provides it with an excuse to fabricate any method of dealing with this anxiety.

    When immersed in language you discover that it has its own self-referential logic.
    Many mathematical conundrums are based on the presumption of a one and the nil, both concepts in the mind that have no reference outside the mind.
    This binary system evolved first, reflecting the biological on/off neurological process.
    Diastolic = off - 0 - negative - no-flow
    Systolic = on - 1 - positive - flow
    From this basic process man's entire internal, representational (abstracted, noetic), world is constructed.
    Paradoxes emerge when this simplification of fluidity comes in conflict with the experienced world.
    The simple mind, the coward and hypocrite, are inclined to side no their own representations being more valid, usurping the experienced world. To explain this preference the mind can fabricate all sorts of fantasy realms, occult realms.
    This is what the Parasite did to overturn natural order, making its shame into pride, its weakness into a strength, its slavishness into lordliness; this method was coveted by the lowly, the feeble, that every tribe, every genetic population produced.
    So seductive a delusion that all wanted to apply it to their circumstances and find salvation from reality, from their genetic inferiority - escape from the determined past, from the 'cruelty' and 'unfairness' of nature selection.

    Myths were ways of dumbing-down the sum total of a group understanding of this relationship between man and his environment.
    In the form of oral narratives this wisdom was passed on.
    But then it was discovered that this could be used to discipline the simpletons, the vile and vulgar, to group interests.
    The narratives were made to promise and to threaten, using the unknown, that could fill any heart with dread, because the unknown can be anything the individual is terrified by.
    It isn't precise. What terrifies one mind may not scare another.
    But vagueness, ignorance, allows the mind to imagine its worse nightmare.

    This the parasite used to discipline its own kind, and then it developed into a way of manipulating and exploiting the hosts it infestation.

    To put it all into context, the virus would be the linguistic method of dealing with the unknown, the uncontrollable, the unpredictable....what they called the gods.
    The mind projected into the fluidity, the flux, of interactivity, most of it incomprehensible, an anthropomorphic image that all could feel comforted by, because ti was a projection of the known, the intimate, upon the unknown, the alien.
    The parasite took this multiplicity, stole the implosion of this multiplicity into a singularity (abstraction), and then inverted it noetically.

    The virus was essential in this process.
    The virus intentionally sided with the noetic representation to cope with the incomprehensible, fear producing, unknowable phenomenon.
    It was a psychological recoiling from reality. It projected into world abstractions to make it less threatening, more comforting; less alien, more intimate.
    To put it in modern terms: the mind prefers the subjective, and is distressed by the objective.
    The subjective is its own, ti can control, it can manipulate easily, alter it reinterpret it....the objective is not as compliant or caring.
    For it to yield the mind must accurately represent and then creatively convert this accurate representation into an action that can succeed in altering the otherness of reality.
    Where the subjective can just happen in the mind, the objective requires trial and error, risks, costs to be absorbed and adjusted to, and it requires effort, work with no guaranteed outcomes.
    So, of course the mind prefers the subjective.
    The more detached form reality it is the more malleable it becomes.
    Skepticism is not a problem when dealing with desperation.
    What will cause doubt is ignored, if the outcome is positive and relatively guaranteed.
    Some adjustment can be made to make it seem more of a struggle, more difficult, like 'faith', but in comparison to reality believing in whatever is noetic is easy.
    A thought can be dealt with easier than an act.
    The act, the interactive, is unforgiving. You cannot debate with it, plead with it, change it by changing your attitude toward it, deal with it by renaming it, by performing a ritual, or casting spells.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:01 am

    Immunization against a language based memetic-virus, and the parasite that uses it for its own ends, can only come from linguistic hygiene, and practicing Hellenic asceticism. Linguistically this would take the form of becoming Laconic - verbal asceticism.
    As a first step one must cleanse his/her language from the residue of generations of the dis-ease, as well as the warping produced by the mediating effects of the parasite.
    Words have to be returned to their rightful role as connectors, of mind with the physical (body, world), representations of abstractions that have references outside the mind - exoteric.
    I begin with a few, bringing them 'down to earth' by reconnectin them to the worldly....

    Soul = the sum total of an individual organisms past, since the moment of its conception - synthesis of two genetic memories - self.
    Spirit = the sum total of an individual's inherited causal chain, stored as memory, representing interactions that preceded its synthesis - Self.

    Spirituality deals with this relationship of self with world.
    It has to do with the individual's coping with a world it cannot completely (absolutely) know nor foresee.
    Spirituality is about adjusting self to the world, not the world to self.
    Ancient spiritual traditions were how a people dealt with the environment.
    The same goes for the Parasite and how it adopted monotheism from one of its parasitical relationships with a host, and then adjusted it to its own parasitical needs. It fabricated a spirituality to cope with its place in the world, in relation to other organisms.  
    The method of taking from the host's philosophies, its spirituality, and corrupting it, modifying it to accommodate its parasitism, became an important aspect of its survival strategy.
    This begins the process of zombification.
    It's a triggering of a preexisting virus, a cancerous cell, so that it takes over the host's will - rearranging its memories.
    Its traditions are warped, its history reinterpreted, its sense of self, its soul/spirit, rearranged.
    The Zombie no longer has confidence in its own senses. The virus has corrupted its judgments.
    Male seems female, what it sees is illusory, all becomes subjective, theoretical, abstraction. The mind lives inside itself - esoteric.  
    World comes to it from a distance - like a subtle echo, that has to be loud to reach the rotting brain.
    Everything has to be exaggerated to affect the Zombie.
    Hyperbole is one of the symptoms. Everything has to be inflated to extraordinary proportions to register in the Zombie brain.
    Ergo we have this insatiable appetite, thirst for blood, that can never find balance with environment.
    See pornography as the hyperinflation of sexual intercourse, until all intercourse becomes unsatisfactory.
    This is how zombies, and parasites, become destructive to natural order.
    Their sense of self is overestimated, or underestimated, and this is reflected in their spirituality.
    They are never good enough, or the world is never good enough.

    Bi-Polar Dissatisfaction Psychology
    Extrovert = world is not enough
    Introvert = world is too much  

    Abstractions reflect the level of dissatisfaction.
    Drug-use, is a usual way of hypo-inflating or hyper-inflating, self in relation to a world that is too much or not enough.
    The latter a byproduct of systemic sheltering. It is accompanies with an inflated sense of self-importance, masking deep seated insecurity.
    The ego over-inflates its importance, due to the protective outcome of its idiocy not facing the fullness of the costs its choices have produced.
    The former is a byproduct of trauma, causing the ego to shrink, as to become conspicuous, hoping to avoid future costs.

    The introvert hides self from world - pure nihilism.
    The extrovert hides world from self - positive-nihilism.

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:00 pm

    In blue I will define words properly, by reconnecting them from the reference phenomena that have been detached from.
    This will both display the process of viral detachment of language from reality, and it will also provide a pragmatic return to the original reference before the virus infected.
    Parasite is a passive-aggressive element, It simply manipulates what is already occurring. This make conspiracies more of a process of exploiting what is already occurring.
    Like the point made in the video on Language, humans are conspiratorial organisms, but the term has been used to associate any doubting of the ofocial narative with crazy theories.
    So the defensive parasite need not respond to reasoning that exposes the 9/11 narrative as questionable, but can simply name it a 'conspiracy' and associate it with Loch Ness, Big Foote and UFO superstitions.

    Nihilism = any theory, idea, principle, narrative, that contradicts the experienced, observable world.

    The current Zombie definition of the term is any idea, theory, narrative that rejects projected fabrications, abstractions, such as universal morality, a singular, absolute God, purpose defined as a telos.
    In general anything that exposes the absence of absolutes is called 'nihilistic' and anything that accepts the projections of absolutes that negate the experienced is considered 'positive'.  
    Its a projection of the feeling of negation a Zombie feels when it is told that the world lacks the abstractions it needs to cope.
    The absence of an absolute is called 'negative' by a psychotic mind that needs it.
    The absolute exists only as a mental fabrication, and refers to an abstraction.
    Zombies believe the 'one' exist outside their mind, and is not an abstraction in their mind that can be projected upon anything and everything.
    Its absence is called a 'nil' by such a creature, even if the absence of an absolute makes life possible, and gives free-will meaning.  

    The absolute contradicts experienced reality  and makes life superfluous - something that has to be explained by making life a test, a dream dreamed by an absolute mind - God.
    The word 'absolute' exist, and can be used in a multiplicity of being to accentuate one's conviction, one's certainty, expressing a high probability.
    But the absolute cannot be shown.
    Absolute = indivisible, immutable, complete, whole, singularity, also called god, perfect, one/nil.  
    The confusion of the noumenon for the phenomenon is a symptom of viral infection.
    The Zombie believes in the representations literally, and has no understanding of them as representations, as art.
    This makes it prone to believing in the magical meaning of numbers and words/symbols, and how the patterns it perceives in their self-consistency are external rather than internal byproducts of reducing the fluid into static abstractions that take the 1/0 for granted.
    Meaning is internal, as it has no reference in the external. Like a noetic map, of middle-Earth, that corresponds to no geography on the real earth.  
    The alternate map may be elegant, and beautiful, in fact it is more likely that it can be so because it is unhindered by natural order, and it can hide the vagueness beneath a lover who only sees his loved one's perfections, drunk on lust/love....and then when the spell is broken realizes that the loved one had blemishes, imperfections.
    Need/Desire clouds the mind enough to hide the reality of what is perceived.

    Similarly, the noetic, if the need/desire is great, can be fantasized as beautiful, extraordinary, perfect,...its noetic vagueness accentuation its mystifying effect - placing the mind in a tranquil state of self-narcosis, of utter bliss.  
    Any attempt to externalize this noetic model will fail...and the failure will be blamed on the world, on some otherness.

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    Post by Satyr on Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:18 pm

    Human = species - a population that has evolves similar traits, and an upper and lower limit of potentials, due to their cooperative reproductive method.

    For the infected, by the memetic virus, the term is sanctified, cleansed of its 'dirty' earthly connections, its appearance, its presence, its past (nature).
    The word is sanctified, Deified....idealized, pure noumenon.
    detachment form reality is what the infected call any symbol/word detached from the experienced world - its conversion to ideology, theory....abstraction.
    An alternate name for the Zombie one-God - absolute power, awareness, consciousness - omniscience, omnipotence.  
    This erases the last remaining barrier to universal uniformity.
    As pure idea, the word can now mean anything and other words nothing.
    It has become subjective....nonsense. Literally it has no sensual references.
    It acquires a vague abstracted emotional connection, a spirituality, as the Zombie, and the Vampire parasite define the term.

    The sub-divisions of male/female follow.
    Once the concept has been 'liberated' from its species and reproductive references, this also 'liberates' its specialized forms.
    Male/Female become interchangeable...a matter of a spirit trapped in corporeality, in the physical/body, in experienced reality - the 'shallow' world of appearances, and presence.
    The words now refer to a mystical ideal, a theoretical abstraction. It is projected in the 'outside' or in the 'occult', the hidden, the underlying underworld. A way of saying inside their minds, the depth of their needy repressed subconscious.

    Male/Female = Specialized  types, evolved from the human reproductive methodology.
    Specialization affects body and mind, sacrificing independence for efficiency/effectiveness - increased probability.
    The appearance reflects the individual's essence.
    The presence of chaos (randomness) forces symmetry to make compromises for the sake of functionality. therefore the organic form is shaped by the past, as it manifests in the present, guided by its functionality - this would include both reproductive and survival specialization.
    Symmetry would reflect the individual's inherited order, or its ability to deal with chaos and interactivity (flux), and proportionality reflects its functionality within the given environment.
    Symmetry/Proportionality = erotic attractiveness.
    Mentally/Psychologically, this is reflected as personality = humour, demeanour, eloquence, balance, intelligence, creativity...  

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    Zombie Apocalypse  Empty Re: Zombie Apocalypse

    Post by Satyr on Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:57 pm

    Value = an evaluation of a phenomena, a circumstance, an individual, in relation to another, or in relation to an objective.
    The objective gives value to the other.
    Value refers to juxtaposition of organism and other organism, or group of organisms, or organism with objective.

    We value food because our objective is to live.
    If we have no use for it its value remains undecided. It retains a possible future utility in relation to an objective.
    Nothing has intrinsic value.
    We measure phenomena using a standard....there the value becomes a juxtaposition of the phenomenon with the standard.
    Value is a product of consciousness.

    The objective must first be evaluated as being real - juxtaposed with the experienced world - prcedent.
    This will evaluate its probability within the unknown possibilities of space/time.
    Projecting an abstraction into world does not make it real.
    The evaluation of the objective must precede its juxtaposition with self, otherwise the evolution is fantasy with no utility, except training the imagination in play, distracting self in entertainment.
    In that case the imagine objective only has an imagined value.

    The objective exposes the essence of the mind that strives towards it, or measures self in relation to it.
    Value-Judgments are such juxtapositions of self and world, or self and other in relation to world, or in relation to a shared objective, or common standard, idea/ideal.
    if the objective is fantastic then the value-judgment remains theoretical.
    If it is realistic the value-judgment is pragmatic, attainable. Then it becomes a matter of application and juxtaposing the expected/projected with the achieved/attained, because the mind, being free from natural order, can over-estimate and/or underestimate both the objective and the self in relation to it.

    Zombies prefer the theoretical, where both the self and the objective remain theoretical, noetic, never to be tested and evaluated pragmatically. There are many reasons for this, many benefits, but two major ones.
    1- the Zombie avoids taking responsibility for an error in judgment - self-love using narcissism to hide self-hatred or insecurity.
    2- the Zombie can remain submissive to other as the forever failing to attain the fantastic objective - self-hatred using other to excuse self.

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