The Pathos of Distance

The Pathos of Distance

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    To ruminate.


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    To ruminate. Empty To ruminate.

    Post by Mitra-Sauwelios on Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:28 am

    While sitting in pitch darkness (or as dark a darkness as my tripped-through mind's eye will allow), listening to the Holosync "Dive" while high on cannabis indica, I remembered Nietzsche calls the Buddhist "the perfect Hornochs". LEO translates this as "blockhead, idiot" (compare Nietzsche's calling Jesus a Buddhist and an idiot in The Antichrist); my Dutch dictionary already comes closer to the literal German with its "stupid ox, ass [donkey]"; but literally, it means "horn-ox, horned ox". And yes, in an important sense I'm an ox, or a capricornus--in any case a Saturnian. If I don't bump into the same stone multiple times, as we Dutch say even asses do not, I repeat my not bumping into stones. For, as Nietzsche also says:

    "Humanity must live in cycles, sole form of duration." (Nachlass; dunno the exact source.)

    My German teacher, who also gave me Zarathustra, always emphasised the need for repetition--"rumination", as he (and Nietzsche!) called it. And indeed, in my first two years of German I got mostly three-minuses--the lowest grade (out of ten) he would give (and he gave up to a thirteen and a half, with bonus questions), but in my last two years I usually got around a nine (without the bonus questions, for which I didn't study). Then I graduated high school and discovered Nietzsche, which started a whole new kind of rumination, though still in German--in fact, far more so than before, when I had at least six other classes as well. But wait, I suddenly remember Nietzsche called the Stoic the perfect horn-ox--doh!

    "The will to power takes the place which the eros--the striving for 'the good in itself'--occupies in Plato's thought. But the eros is not 'the pure mind' (der reine Geist). Whatever may be the relation between the eros and the pure mind according to Plato, in Nietzsche's thought the will to power takes the place of both eros and the pure mind. Accordingly philosophizing becomes a mode or modification of the will to power: it is the most spiritual (der geistigste) will to power; it consists in prescribing to nature what or how it ought to be (aph. 9); it is not love of the true that is independent of will or decision. Whereas according to Plato, the pure mind grasps the truth, according to Nietzsche the impure mind, or a certain kind of impure mind, is the sole source of truth." (Leo Strauss, Studies in Platonic Political Philosophy, "Note on the Plan of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil".)
    Zoot Allures

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    To ruminate. Empty Re: To ruminate.

    Post by Zoot Allures on Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:16 pm

    ... but remember, saully...

    "for once i don't want to know too many things. wisdom sets limits to knowledge, too"- N

    and i thought you were a leo. what's this about being saturnian? as a capricorn myself, i can tell you that being ruled by saturn is not something to play with.

    perhaps you are ready for the power of Saturn... but first you must make a choice, saully.

    when Saturn ascends, choose one or ten. hang on or be humbled again...

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    To ruminate. Empty Re: To ruminate.

    Post by Barracuda on Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:56 am

    "as a capricorn myself, i can tell you that being ruled by saturn is not something to play with. "

    To ruminate. 9Vs4dnT

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    To ruminate. Empty Re: To ruminate.

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