The Pathos of Distance

The Pathos of Distance

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    Dionysos and the spirit of Music, vs Apollo and the spirit of Matter


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    Dionysos and the spirit of Music, vs Apollo and the spirit of Matter

    Post by Barracuda on Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:53 am

    As we learn from Nietzsches first work, the Birth of Tragedy, he perceives Dionysos as the thing that lives on in joy perpetually and partakes both in the building and flourishing of forms and n their destruction and consumption.

    In Apollo, he sees a different redemption from suffering and inevitable death and vanishing, one the is less absolute, but more easy to attain; the relative eternity of the phenomenon, beauty cast in marble, and the moral order of the State.

    It is evident that the Will to Power is this same Dionysos as the eternal force behind all forms. Dionysos is the will to power as it manifests outright, directly, to a human. Apollo is rather how the Will to Power takes shape around the human who is fearful of it but endures this fear with open eyes.

    Anyone with a heart who has stood under Greek temples has wondered what on Earth could have given these people such astounding ambitions. No modern edifice, be it spaces station or nuclear bomb or skyscraper, evokes such a an utter perplexity. Indeed, only courageously endured, open eyed fear of the true Devourer, turns to the sort of awesome self-reverence that finds power by merely standing before such fearsome truth and not perishing.

    Someone recently said to me that he hates Apollon and at the same time loves Dionysos. But I don't think this can be true. To love Dionysos means to be Apollon; to partake in that marble city, which in turn inspires some hope in people who live without knowledge of either God.

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