The Pathos of Distance

The Pathos of Distance

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    Critique of Teenage Dream

    Zoot Allures

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    Critique of Teenage Dream Empty Critique of Teenage Dream

    Post by Zoot Allures on Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:32 pm

    Critique of Perry's Teenage Dream

    the problem with this song is that it sublimates nonexistent lacanic forms of the real in the minds of hormonally unstable female teenagers who cannot yet be possible symbolic representations of the narrative subtext as it would be experienced. it does this by exhalting the simple, crude condition of teenage anxiety into a far more exaggerated condition, through subliminal force.  

    through the sheer power of suggestion, the anxiety becomes exponentially increased, sending teenage girls into complete preoccupation with fantasy, and they forget all about their homework and chores. they forget that their just kids.

    Stacey lays on her bed with her earphones in, totally implacable and deeply submerged in thought about her infatuation with Robert. so much is spinning through her mind at this moment.

    she pictures in her head, robert putting his hands on her, in her skin tight jeans (which she shouldn't be wearing in the first place) in the baskin robbins parking lot on their second date. she becomes sexually aroused, a warmness fills her stomach, and she absentmindedly runs her fingers up her thighs. the song has taken total control of her.  

    questions about her identity, her life, her love, her destiny, rush through her mind. overloaded and overwhelmed by this reverie, she grows up to fast... in a matter of minutes. the superficial problems she actually has in her youth become extraordinary problems, extraordinary emergencies, which distracts her from the fact that these are not real problems.

    now her sense of her self becomes over-inflated... she's no longer a girl, and all of a sudden, she's a woman.

    what has happened? the real problems of womanhood are depreciated. how? because Stacey cannot yet know what real heart-break is, what real identity crisis is, what real loss of love is, what real fate is.

    one of the most subtle forms of the contrived depth of the post-modern era, is it's music. the music generates various forms of inauthentic depth that do not correspond to actual, existential experience. the result: artifical increases in self importance and relevance with a simultaneous depreciation of real problems, real crises.

    a millennial generation of multi-faceted subjectivites that are pure copies of the unreal forms it's art generates. there is no 'center', no 'core person'... the individual is a plastic conglomerate of artistic trends and themes they subconsciously engender through their capitalist-consumerist discourse with society.

    never before in the history of the world has a people suffered so much without suffering at all. Stacey is only eighteen years old, and yet in five minutes she's suddenly got a grasp on a real, existential crisis. but it isn't real. she cannot yet be aware of the things which the subtext attempts to symbolize through the medium of the song.

    simply explained, modern music is too much, and rather than reflect the human condition, it disproportionately creates problems for the human condition through its exaggerated and contrived, artifical depth.

    p.s. this is one of the reasons why Zappa is my favorite artist/composer. his music exists almost completely as a destructive force against this post-modern, contrived depth, making brilliant parody and mockery of it.

    Frank explains

    those who cannot understand what has happened to music, cannot understand the importance of Zappa.

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    Zoot Allures

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    Critique of Teenage Dream Empty Re: Critique of Teenage Dream

    Post by Zoot Allures on Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:46 pm

    "let's run away and don't ever look back."

    run away from what? your homework? your little brother, who keeps taking up the bathroom all morning? your father, who wants you to stop wearing those little ass skirts you wanna wear? your peer group at school, that pressures you into hanging out with only the cool clique?

    you don't know what really wanting to run away, means, kiddo. stop listening to that garbage and go buy Mozart's greatest hits or something.

    you're growing up to fast, listening to trash that leaves irreparable scars on the minds of foolish, young consumers. you should be less concerned with how you look and more concerned with what you know. i blame your parents for not disciplining you, and the media for filling your head with nonsense. now go read a book, young lady.

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