The Pathos of Distance

The Pathos of Distance

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    Cheers to All


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    Post by Satyr on Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:04 pm

    Encore, encore...invisible crowd stands demanding more...
    Actor appears, once more on stage...

    Moron...ideas apply to every circumstance.
    Everything is a value judgment, you idiotic moron.
    To make it personal one would have to know details about the circumstances of your pathetic life, and all those involved.

    A scientist gives general information on how water participating in a river acts, or interacts with the earth....he does not limit himself to a specific river, or a drop of water in the river.
    A biologist studying cows gives general behavioural information about bovine behaviour...he does not give particular information about a specific cow, in a particular herd, in a particular place on earth.

    The only people that do so are those that study the human herd...and these include evolutionary psychologist, biologist who give general information, and psychotherapists who then deal with the individual and his specific problems, on a case by case basis...even they formulate general rules about the specific mental diseases.
    For me to be your psychotherapists and offer you information on how to act in specific situations I would have to know more than that you are a moron, a hypocrite...and sick.
    I would have to know exactly how ill you truly are, and how feeble minded and physically inept you are...otherwise I could not help you, even if I wanted to waste my time trying to.
    You are waiting for Godot....I'll hope, with you, that he comes soon.
    Philosophy, retard, does not give each reader a specific detailed rule, specifically applicable to him, on how to live his life.
    It offers general information the reader, himself, has to adapt to his circumstances.

    I gave you an evolutionary definition of morality that is not in need of a God, or any absolute, and is not arbitrary, not up to pathetic nit-wits, like you, to accept or dismiss.
    Morality brought down to earth...not theoretical...not in the had...but out there in the world.
    But you can't even accept that...and you give no better alternative...because you do not want out of your grave.
    You want to bury the world with you.
    You don't want answers, hypocrite. You lie to everyone and to yourself. You want the world to become trapped in a grave, like you. You want to bury the world and everything in it.
    you cannot endure the thought of someone not being trapped, like you, in his last years of life, or not falling for the most infantile dogmas man ever invented, like you did.

    Imbecile...Mary is a slut, or she is one dumb cunt...whatever she is, she made a mistake, and she has to own up to it. She risked it and she lost.
    If abortion is good or bad, imbecile, depends on the goal. Is Mary a twat who thinks all life is precious, is Mary a post-modern, who fucked a Negro to get back at her domineering father...what are the details.
    What are her goals, her ideals? What is her situation, her environment, her social status, her relationship with her family?
    There's no blanket moral answer, you idiot.
    If Mary fucked a dunce then she'll most probably give birth to dunces....which in my world is a bad thing...but in her sheltered world where dunces are given a 'head start' and are not 'left behind', or given 'affirmative action', it's not so bad.
    Good bad depends on what your motives are in relation to the environment. Idiot.
    This modern western environment supports whores and you are safe.
    In nature this is a death sentence.
    The validity of your motive is not is determined by world...not by you, or me....but by an indifferent, unconscious, world.
    Your idealism does not matter. The world don't care how you dream it could be like.
    If Mary likes cripples and decides to give birth to a cripple this does not change the facts about cripples and how fit they are to endure life and existence.
    Her cripple child may get social assistance, but this still does not change what it is.

    If Mary does not believe in races and she fucks a Negro based on this delusion, and then gives birth to an academically below average and athletically above average child, the world don't care about her subjective beliefs...her romantic idealism. She made a mistake and she will pay the price for this mistake.
    She may try to cover up her mistake, deny it, or accuse the world of it, not taking responsibility for it, but asserting that her son is under-performing not because race does indeed matter but because the system is prejudiced will only ensure future errors in judgment.  
    Do you understand idiot?
    Her beliefs, her subjectivity does not change the world. She must understand how the world is, to then construct good judgments...and even then nothing is certain. You can only increase the odds in your favour.
    If she denies there is an objective world, then she'll remain a dunce retard, like you...going from Christianity to Marx to post-modernity.....waiting to be buried.
    Her attempt to hide her bad judgment by blaming it on others, is why she will repeat the same you did your entire life.
    Do you understand that?

    You make a judgment....this judgments entail risks because nobody knows everything, right...nobody is god....the judgment, if it is converted to actions, result in consequences.
    Better judgments result in better outcomes.
    You compare the consequences with your expected results...and there you get where you went wrong. Was your judgment wrong, or your expectations...or both
    Blaming the world only hurts is you who will repeat the same mistakes if you do not find where you went wrong.
    No morality, moron.
    Natural selection.
    No god, imbecile.
    No state to completely shelter you from your inferiority. It can only do so much to protect idiots.

    Morality has to do with group dynamics and the rules of conduct the group enforces.
    These evolve in nature...and are then converted to social rules...and promote socially desirable behaviours.
    No god...
    Genes to Memes.

    Do you understand?
    Now give us the cut & pasties.
    Don't forget the huffing and puffing..and the 'now look what I made him do' routine.

    Some jeers are heard from the crowd. Actor flips them the bird as he stomps off.
    Banana peels are thrown on stage. A few hats and panties.
    Actor exits scene right.

    Know Thyself

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    Post by iambiguous on Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:43 pm

    See what I reduce him to?

    Effortlessly you might say.

    The irony being that more than anything, he wants to be thought of as a "serious philosopher"!!!

    He can't help himself. When I expose just how irrelevant his "general descriptions" of human interactions are to the moral and political conflicts that have rent the species now for centuries, all he can provide is one or another rendition of this:

    Noumena >>>   Phenomena.
    Noumena >>> Noumena
    Noumena >>> Noumena + Phenomena

    And then when I challenge him to note instances in which this has relevance pertaining to his own conflicted interactions with others [or pertaining to a conflicted good we are all likely to be familiar with], it's back to the huffing and the puffing.

    Perhaps it's time for him to channel Lyssa.  Wink

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    Post by Satyr on Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:58 pm

    You can predict everything she will post.

    She wants to pull the world into her grave, before Godot comes around.
    This is how she begs for help. Someone to tell her what to make of those philosophies she's heard about but never quite understood....except when they spoke of annihilation and slandering language, and telling her nobody is superior, those who think so are evil capitalists...I mean objectivists.
    All is one....all is the same....all must concede to the collective...the coming Utopian uniformity is on its way.
    She did not even understand my graph and my explanation on noumenon and phenomena.
    I made the graph to help minds like her's. But to no avail.

    Actor peeks from behind the curtain....sees a piece of shit in the middle of the stage.
    He quickly leaves hoping the cleaning lady gets rid of it by his next performance.

    Know Thyself
    Zoot Allures

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    Post by Zoot Allures on Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:58 pm

    this is totally awesome. biggy and satyr brawling at my forum. you guys don't know how long i've been waiting for this moment. three years ago when i saw you two going at it at KT, i thought to myself 'one day i'll have my own forum and if i'm lucky, these two jokers will join it.'

    i am positively livid with excitement right now.

    no philosophy forum is complete without a satyr and a biggy.

    bartender, bring some beers for the fellas. i'll have a coffee. i never liked beer.

    GM, you should change your name. lemme know and i'll switch it for you.

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    Post by Satyr on Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:18 am

    Zoot wrote:this is totally awesome. biggy and satyr brawling at my forum. you guys don't know how long i've been waiting for this moment. three years ago when i saw you two going at it at KT, i thought to myself 'one day i'll have my own forum and if i'm lucky, these two jokers will join it.'
    You need higher ambitions.

    Yes...change my name. You know who I am. I tried but the system doesn't allow it.
    Fight da man...

    cAnus is an old-school commie, that was given new school post-modern tools that she did not fully comprehend. She repeats the words she was taught not fully understanding instead she regurgitates.
    She wants to keep it within socioeconomic context because there Marxism seeks to tear down the us & them divides.
    See, she went to Vietnam, she says...but you can never know with a self-deceiving liar of this magnitude, and there she could not understand why she, an American twat, was fighting her commie brothers.
    Her lover, the one who trained her in post-modern lingo, told her it was because Americans were tied up in their linguistic status contraptions, this us & them value conflicts. He gave her the rhetoric.
    This was an epiphany for her...and she's been repeating those lessons ever since.
    Marxist solution is tear down the us/them and become only 'us'....strong helping the weak, the genius compensating for the idiot....and so on.
    A Marxist Utopia.
    No socioeconomic 'contraptions' to separate us. No conflicting goods.

    It's her mission to infect minds with self-doubt and break down resistance to her commie message.

    Marxism is Christianity, minus God.
    The decline of the Abrahamic God is seen as an opportunity by the Marxists to establish their secular version.
    God is dead, so what's left, according to the Marxists, but a collective humanity to take his place?
    That's the only morality they can comprehend. They refuse any morality based on natural order and evolution, because they want it to be universal, and a product of a will, socially engineered....God is dead, so State invents and then imposes morality to the collective.
    She's an old hag commie selling the same crap using different words.
    She uses this pretence that she's trapped in a conundrum to make people engage her....otherwise she would be ignored. She then pulls them in and begins wearing down their confidence in their own ideas, to then insert her Marxist solution that resolves the conundrum.
    Objectivism is code for Capitalist, or Fascist.
    It's anyone who refuses to join her collective future Communist Utopian. Like Abrahamism demanded a submission to the will of God.
    Humanity = World.
    God is dead, so humanity is the idea(l) that replaces the Nihilistic abstraction God.
    She refuses to discuss morality as evolving from natural processes, and as being a part of many group dynamics in the animal kingdom. Man is not the only altruistic, compassionate, species.
    She wants to focus on morality post-Moses and his ten commandments - when moral rules were imposed as a sociopolitical rule, made divine so that the average illiterate would surrender to them.

    Know Thyself

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