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    Nihilism - Symptomatology


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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:26 am

    The transition from spiritual nihilism to secular humanism occurred when the Jews came in contact with the Greeks.
    Up until then, in their wanderings, they had experienced theoretical nihilism.
    Theoretical idealism, detaching mind from body.
    The Greeks introduced them to a form of abstractions that referred not to theoretical ideas but pragmatic experienced phenomena, anthropomorphized as deities.
    This was so powerful that the Jews had to adapt, and as usual stole the idea(l) incorporating it into their mystical occult esoteric bullshit.
    This is what Jesus is.
    It is the theoretical brought down to earth - made corporeal.

    Unfortunately, for them, he retains the theoretical traits of an idealized construct.
    He could never 'live'-up to his fame, his idealization, so he had to be killed to retain in death the cleansing rites of mythology.
    To this day nihilists can only worship the dead, or the absent, because presence shatters the naive idealism of their lies.
    We can see it in American movie personalities that manufacture then sell icons that are 'larger than life', and are then worshipped by millions of imbeciles as icons - now that Jesus no longer is enough to gratify thir needs.
    Like a child that idolizes a dead parent, the modern infanticized, feminized idolize those who are dead - see Nietzsche - or those who are not present, for one reason or another.
    Presence is demystifying, it would break the magical spell of perfection, of an idea(l) presence...because no presence is ever perfect...ever complete, ever whole...
    Men-Children tend to replace the absent absolute, as it was offered in Scripture, or in text, with dead figures that become sacred representations - idols.

    Note that in Judaism the idea(l) remains with Spinoza.This is common with the Jews who have built an entire identity on the worship of the abstract, the theoretical...the inverted.
    The theoretical is seductive...because it can be, in theory, anything for anyone, at any time.
    Spinoza presented it as an ambiguous immanence, and the Jews presented it as a, forever, coming Messiah.....rejecting the Christians infection by Hellenism that had to present an icon in the flesh, but absent, dead, idol.
    Note that, for the Jews, the coming of the 'true messiah' would be an end in itself.
    Jews live in mythology. It's the only way their inversions of the pyramid of natural hierarchies, could stand.
    They stole the image from the Egyptians, as well as the worship of the dead and of death.
    See star of David.
    Can the Egyptian pyramid stand inverted, where the point is at the bottom and the base is on the top?
    Only in the mind can such feats occur, and it is only in the mind where Abrahamism makes does Marxism, as does Frankfurt School modernism, as do the reinterpretations of Nietzsche.
    The dead cannot contradict the theory built around Saul knew when he appropriated Jesus as his corporeal idealization of the Jewish idea(l).
    What did the Marxists worship but some immanent, coming, ideal society, populated by ideal humans, acting in ideal ways - humans cleansed of their natural 'imperfections'?
    Sold to millions of desperate, gullible, idiots.
    Hellenism as a representative of Aryanism, forced the Jews to adapt and they later did with Marxism, and more recently with the Frankfurt School.
    Jesus was forced upon the Jews, in opposition to their mythologies, fragmenting them into the three types I've defined and described.

    Recall how in the myth of Heracles and Hydra one head is chopped-off and then replaced by two new ones. When Hellenism chopped-off the head of Judaism it split into two new secular forms - Humanism and Zionism
    Secular refers to Nihilism forced to settle upon the earth, although unwillingly and tentatively.
    Christianity, which Nietzsche combated, was the tenuous adaptation of Abrahamic nihilism to Aryan pragmatism - the merger of two mythologies each with a different starting points and different motives.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:42 am

    Meaning is given to words and symbols by the world.
    Meaning in language is found in its relation to world.
    It is not invented in the mind to refer to the mind.
    If it is, it is theory, and delusion - solipsistic and narcissistic.
    The word has to connect to external phenomena, otherwise the words used and the way they are used are void of substance and only serve to masturbate or to self-medicate.

    The word nihilism was defined by ex-Christians distressed by a world void of absolutes.
    They projected into the world their mental fabrications, to self-medicate.
    This is called positive-Nihilism: projecting into world abstractions synthesized in the mind that have no reference outside the mind.

    These can range from quaint mythological metaphors, fantasies and can reach the extreme of inverting reality so that the mental abstractions are projected as substitutions of what is experienced.
    The noumenon negating the phenomenal.

    This is the extreme of nihilistic 'positivism'.
    It is a mental disorder.
    A memetic virus, rooted in genetic feebleness, insecurity, need, desire etc.

    The concept of nil, as it is conceptualized by nihilism, is, itself, part of the nihilistic paradigm.
    It is a discretion of reality as negative if it lacks absolutes = universal morality, god, meaning, purpose etc.
    In fact it is a description of the feeble mind's reaction to a reality that lacks what it desperately wants to be provided to it, for it to be able to survive in the world.

    Other than a linguistic insinuation, the absolute is absent from the world.
    This is distressing to the feeble spirit.
    It has to be given what it needs to a child.
    What it cannot create it seeks outside itself.
    What it cannot live without it imagines out there,a waiting discovery.

    A world void of universal morality, a god as defined by Abrahamism (singularity), without meaning, purpose already provided for the individual, is how reality is.
    It is not a negative but a positive, because it exists, whereas the fantasies of degenerates only exist in their heads.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:46 am

    If men and women of nobility, pride and integrity, do not come together and fight against this linguistically transmitted scourge then all is lost.
    The virus kills the host, sealing its own fate. It cannot help itself. It is its nature to do so.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:48 am

    Collectivist in-group reproductive strategies would sanctify the collective using the concept of 'god'.
    God is the memetic metaphor for the genetic in-group.
    Secularization would externalize this as a collectivism that encompassed all of existence, if not only all humanity.
    Genetics are eliminated as a hindrance to universal collectivism. All genetic identifiers erased by the shared ideology - gene erased by the meme.
    Loss of memory. The initiate must forget who and what he is, to adopt a new, recyclable, changeable, identity.
    God would expand to encompass multiplicity into its theoretical, ideological, oneness, and the esoteric externalized as world.

    Religion (Abrahamic) would hide the collective from other, and its secular version (Marxism, post-modernism) would hide other from the collective.
    Other no longer exists, or is ignorant or rejects the one, the collective.
    An extreme example would be Marxism that attempted to universalize the collective, or destroy it if the idea(l), the divine collective, is resisted.


    Bi-Polar Nihilistic paradigm, expressed as right/left politics:

    Spiritual Nihilism = separation of the in-group from otherness.
    The in-group is sanctified and named God.
    God is the symbol of the collective; the individual is but a representation.
    The in-group becomes an alternate reality, excluding all otherness - singularity contradicting multiplicity.
    In-Group covers itself in ritual, symbols, words, and lives in its own scripted reality - more 'real' reality.
    A reality that cannot be experienced but lived; that can only be thought and stated.
    Repetition solidifies its internal essence as external practice.
    It is the 'real' hiding from the un-reality of world - theoretical (noetic ) singularity within experienced (apparent, phenomenal) multiplicity.
    Multiplicity is presented as chaos, as nil, contrasting with the in-group's oneness, its absolute order.

    Secular Nihilism = immersion of the in-group in universality.
    The world becomes the in-group = all is god/one.
    Some know it, or accept this 'truth' and others are ignorant, or reject it....the only distinction.
    All is one. Universal collectivism.
    Those that are ignorant must be enlightened (corrected), and those that reject must be eliminated (erased) - political, spiritual, cultural Marxism.
    World, as multiplicity, is covered, in noetic oneness.
    The in-group does not hide from world but the world is hidden from the in-group.

    To 'hide' the world one must convert it to an illusion, or use illusion to hide from it.

    Inversion of world becomes externalized, rather than internalized.
    Instead of seeking the divine singularity in self (mind, renamed soul), presenting world as illusory or as evil, the singularity is sought in exiting the world, the real, into the unreal, where multiplicity is converted into a singularity....the real, as multiplicity, is inverted into an absolute singularity, a oneness (universe), from the vantage point of the non-existent, the unreal.

    Idea as the divine, is no longer placed in the esoteric, the occult, contradicting the real, the experienced....but it is placed in the hyper-exoteric, the beyond the outside - outside the outside.

    Top<>Down emoting/thinking
    Top as a singular idea(l) existing in the mind, and shared with the initiated, separating them from others (chosenness), or Top placed in the non-existent outside existence, making the real the experienced into a singular idea(l).
    In both cases the idea(l) contradicts the real, if taken literally and not as a method, a tactic, formulating representations, to make the counter-intuitive fluid, intuited abstract.

    Art, including language (math/geometry) becomes more than a way of relating to the real, but becomes an alternative to it.
    Semiotics become world-creating tools. The word can now become the 'first'.
    Paradoxes, conundrums which this method creates become a matter of spiritual debate on the mystery, and mystical essence, of the created divine.
    The mind explores its own mystification, or the paradoxes it has created by confusing language with reality - the representation with the represented, the subjective with the objective.
    The underlying motive is to discredit reason, or replace world as as the starting point for Bottom<>Up reasoning.
    Vagueness is how the absolute is maintained, and vagueness is how it is justified.
    Its mysteriousness, its irrationality, not cause for concern, indicating error, but a source of hope, indication of its deeper 'truth' - more profound truth.
    The more irrational the idea(l) the more the believer feels relief from the rational world.
    Its irrationality is the sacrifice made by the 'true believer' to the divine - evidence of his/her faith.
    In fact it is a self-sacrifice made to self-preserve.

    Chaos used to cope with determining, determined, order.
    Chaos as an occult source of counter-order, contradicting the threatening experienced.
    From this source the individual can draw anything it needs to compensate for what it lacks.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:08 pm

    God is all
    State is All.
    I am all.

    All the way down all is conscious, alive, a product of a mind, a judgment, a perspective.
    Process of degradation:

    All is God's will; all is a communal will; all is my will.
    Him - We - I...
    All is god's creation; all is a social construct; all is subjective.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:03 pm

    Wittgenstein undermines western language, and in effect western philosophy.
    Freud undermines western family values.
    Marx undermines western identity, and man's relationship to his own group.
    Boas undermined western anthropology.
    Leo Strauss undermines western morals, and Nietzsche's critique of the coming nihilistic dis-ease.
    Gould undermines western understanding of evolution and natural selection.
    Jesus through Saul, undermines western spirituality.

    Western man = Europeans, mostly males are the target.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Thu May 03, 2018 7:26 pm

    The modern degenerate is so certain of his subjectivity's power that he has convinced himself that if he refuses to be convinced of what terrifies him that the world will not become as what others are convinced it is.

    His subjectivity is made into a resistant power, refusing a reality he cannot offer an alternative to.
    His simple refusal, denial, becomes a power against the forces of 'evil'.
    He has nothing to fight with but his negation.

    As though the world requires his agreement to be what it is.

    He is the opposite end of the bipolar nihilistic paradigm.
    One end is convicted that his subjective declarations, using nothing but words, suffice to create reality; the other end is convinced that subjective declarations of negation, using nothing but words, suffice to destroy reality.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Ored on Fri May 04, 2018 8:17 am

    It does seem to be rather cowardice than inability that keeps philosophical thought from making contact with reality in the leading intellectuals of today.


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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Z13 on Fri May 04, 2018 11:03 am

    Wittgenstein undermines western language, and in effect western philosophy.

    or, he cleans up the nefarious mess made by degenerate philosophers and idealists.

    Freud undermines western family values.

    or, he makes a greater emphasis than ever before on the importance of parent/child/sibling relationships.

    Marx undermines western identity, and man's relationship to his own group.

    or, he defines the very socioeconomic structures within which such relationships develop and evolve.

    Boas undermined western anthropology.

    who the fuck is boas?

    Leo Strauss undermines western morals, and Nietzsche's critique of the coming nihilistic dis-ease.

    what, he undermines fritz? get him the fuck outta there.

    Gould undermines western understanding of evolution and natural selection.

    i thought his punctuated equilibrium theory was decent.

    Jesus through Saul, undermines western spirituality.

    don't blame J for what that asshat paul did.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Fri May 04, 2018 4:01 pm

    and pedophiles sharpen our sense of caution, and remind us there are limits to how much we can love children....and food poisoning serves to remind us to be more selective with our nutrition and preparation choices, and to wash our hands before dinner....and the flu makes us appreciate health, and strengthens our autoimmune system...and hemorrhoids teach us about the virtues of good hygiene and how constipation, and spicy foods can cause persistent pain....and circumcision reminds us of how drought can produce a ritual, born of necessity, that then persists even when rainfall makes water plentiful, then becoming a symbolic castration, marking one as 'special', in inconspicuous ways, that can become conspicuous when things become more intimate, such as when he's about to fuck you.

    I mean, there's so much to be thankful for.

    Does not the lion keep us aware of how entering a strange environment can lead to death, and does not a rat teach us to not keep food on the counter-top?

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Fri May 04, 2018 5:17 pm

    Usually nihilism comes with a magical talisman, a sacred symbol, or symbols, representing what it is: a language based and justified noetic construct, with no references in the experienced world of phenomena.

    Symbols are mystical, useful to twist the mind into Gordian Knots, that cannot be untraveled, and that can cocoon the mind in a shell of mental knots.
    The words lead nowhere....and nothing....but back to the inside, back into the mind from where they came....only they change, replace themselves with new words, to pretend there's progress being made.
    It's a subjective hemp shell, many refuse to exit.
    It is safe, or feels safe, and it is like a hug, a protective shield, and it is warm and a womb.

    Positive Nihilists use words like magical power, creating, with them, reality.
    Then they invite the less linguistically creative, the less artistic, to participate in their alternate world.
    This is like a cult....
    Not spirituality which deals with a shared world and each individual can directly worship, can practice his spiritual beliefs, without a mediator.
    Positive Nihilism creates religions....with a necessary priestly class, who are the mediators between reality and this mystical alternate reality, believers must go through to access the power of the faith.
    Religions also act as ways of dumbing-down complexity, or sotening up the threatening, to discipline the average mind.
    It is useful for the establishment of complex systems integrating heterogeneous populations.
    But the belief in them literally, rather than metaphorically, is a cult.

    So, the nihilist will usually have a word that represents his rejection of reality and its substitution, in part or entirely with a word or words.
    For the positive Nihilist the word is magical - it can create worlds.
    For the pure Nihilist the word has the power to destroy the world, and all alternate worlds, other than his ideal, his subjective private one.
    Whenever stressed the mind will return to the word he has chosen to represent his shield, his shelter against the world.

    The word is always ambiguous, because it has to be able to mean anything and everything.
    It cannot be defined, because it must remain idea(l). An abstraction that can refer to everything and anything.
    Noetic is a way of saying 'divine' - pure idea(l) is the pure, the sacred, the unsoiled by earthiness, by worldliness...unaffected by reality, free from the mundane, the experienced.

    It is, in fact, a concept, an idea(l) represented by a word - symbol.
    This can be a one symbol, a primary symbol....the one ring to bind them all.
    This talisman is now powerful enough to create worlds and to destroy the world...entirely or selectively.
    This last qualification is important, because partial negation is what retains plausible deniability, or the method of seesawing....sometimes into the real, and then into the surreal...sometimes in the natural, and then into the supernatural.

    So, a morn can say that he of course believes in species....he is rational....and then deny that there are human races, back into the irrational, and there he does not have to justify his conviction, explain it, define the terms he uses....he has to feel its 'truth' and repeat it 'race is a social construct' over and a chant in rituals, It's a form of self-hypnosis.....a trance he places himself in when he becomes stressed, when he feels threatened.

    Again.....word(s), or any symbol, has to be ambiguous...not referring to anything experienced - divine, sacred.
    Words has to be repeated as a way of coping with reality.
    Not to connect with reality, but to disconnect from it.
    They should not be this would decrease their magical, mystical power - their hypnotic, placebo effect. If they are defined they ought to be defined using more ambiguous words, that seduce, or trigger emotions, or are impressive....they produce a triggering effect; pretending to be saying something profound when they are saying nothing....nonsense pretending to be deep, tapping into subterranean powers etc.

    The 'sub' refers to the subconscious.
    It is all occurring inside the mind, and affecting the body.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Ored on Sat May 05, 2018 12:44 pm

    Still, J proved a more than suitable conduit for some of the more essencial elements of Roman religion and citizenship.

    I'm not sure if Roman emperors who began to adopt Christianity did this on purpose, but Saul's zeal proved an effective protective element for the continuity of worship that constitutes Roman society.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Satyr on Sat May 05, 2018 1:25 pm

    There's a book by Atwill, called Caesar's Messiah, that makes a very convincing case for the possibility that Jesus and Christianity, was a Roman invention that aimed at discrediting judaism, and its rebelliousness and unwillingness to integrate itself in the the Muslims of our time.

    Then there's the story of Bar Kokhba, a Jew leader that was hailed as the 'true' messiah, and who resulted in the slaughter of millions of Greeks, Romans and Jews.
    Some claim that after his defeat, by Julius Severus, Judaism changed tactics - from militancy to victimhood.
    The Torah was written as anti-Christian Scripture.
    There's also a theory that the massacre of the Jews forced many to flee into the east, where they contributed to the emergence of Islam.
    This is why Islam and Judaism have so many common rituals and traditions, and are more alike than Judaism and Christianity.
    Jewish martyrs, zealots, are today's Jihadists. Both Islam and Judaism refuses integration in the nations they emigrate into.

    Saul took Jesus and redefined him....just as Nietzsche is presently redefined to accommodate the chosen ones, in a post-war era.
    Christianity spread because of increasing populations, and social sheltering that prevented natural processes, such as culling, to take their toll.
    They had to be given a mythology to deal with their genetic inferiority, and it became a political force emperors could not ignore - needing the masses to maintain their growing sophisticated systems, and needing a superstition to control and manipulate them.
    Constantine the Great, of Byzantium 'converted', to rally the Christian masses on his side.
    He died a devout pagan.
    Today he is a Christian saint.

    Michael, Jones wrote:The rebellion of Bar Kokhba was no local matter; it was a struggle over who was going to rule the world. Jewish revolutionary thought never settled for a
    smaller stage. The same was true of Bolshevism and Neoconservatism; each had the same universal scope. Aut munda aut nihil could have been the motto of Jewish
    revolution. Once the Talmud became the essence of the redefinition of Judaism as anti-Christian, Judaism espoused a political view antithetical to what it
    perceived as Christian otherworldiness. It committed the Jews to Messianic politics.
    According to Resnick's reading of the Talmud, "the major distinction of the Messianic era will be political.'' The Talmud looked forward to heaven on earth
    when a political Messiah would reign over a universal political system. Resnick's account of that millennial era shows its uncanny similarities to the Jewish utopias
    proposed by Marx, Trotsky, and the Neoconservatives:
    The Messianic Era will herald the onset of a single, universal political system, with the Messiah at its helm. There will no longer be localized concern over natural resources. The spirit of universal cooperation and brotherhood will reign supreme. There will no longer be the need to accumulate wealth ....
    There will no longer be diverse cultures and philosophies. Just as in the very beginning of time, a single man was created, so, too in the end of days, all Mankind will unite as a single entity. There will no longer be the need for war.

    Finally, the millennial universal revolutionary political system will abolish the nations because:
    History has taught us that in a world divided into various nations, no nation can achieve eternal independence or perpetual self-reliance. But in a one-world political entity, true independence can be achieved. Man can turn his focus to the realm of the spirit and strive for moral perfection and intellectual excellence.
    The Messianic Era will usher in the rebirth of virtue, a renaissance of spirituality and an understanding of God's will. The world will experience a spiritual revival that will result in the perfection of the human condition. Man will achieve the same state of godliness as on the day he was created. "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb."

    The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

    Sounds like Globalism, no?

    The 'spirit' of inversion is a desperate attempt to use language to usurp natural order - theoretically inverting superior/inferior.
    Training in linguistics is part of the methodology.  
    How to manipulate minds with the use of words - void of meaning, and with only an emotional connection.
    Growing masses produces a majority desperate for 'good tidings' - hope, love, power, belonging and so on.
    Words are a way of providing the illusion of it to those who have no ability to do so pragmatically.

    Imagine the desperation of a mind realizing its own inferiority and unfit mutations.
    Using language it can convert its negative condition to a claiming, for example, to be a man trapped in a woman's body......or that beauty is subjective and appearance is only skin deep....and that race and sex are social constructs...and so on.  
    Words take on the power of a magical symbol that offers salvation, comfort, money, another symbol, can offer compensation for genetic failings.
    The idea was so powerful, to the lower social stratum of all tribes, that it spread.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

    Post by Ored on Sat May 05, 2018 2:14 pm

    I do agree that Islam is much more akin to judaism. The crescent moon and other elements of sophistication suggest a similar preoccupance with religious continuity. I fear I am unfamiliar with arab religion.

    There is also the question of orthodox Christianity, stemming from the eastern Roman empire. What religion does it uphold? Considering the mass of highly developed societies that made up that empire, it is possible its purpose was other.

    In any case, regarding Islam, it is almost certain to protect a much less sophisticated and robust religion than Rome's and for this reason borrow more from judaism proper.

    One unsettling glimpse into the complexity of byzantine Christianity may be afforded by noting the likelyhood that its influences could reach all the way to China.

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    Re: Nihilism - Symptomatology

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