The Pathos of Distance

The Pathos of Distance

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    Post by Satyr on Thu May 17, 2018 5:42 pm

    How do you destroy a culture?
    How do you eradicate a people?
    You liberate their passions, and direct them through fArt....and cRAP.
    You release Plato's stallions, from the charioteer's reigns.

    You degrade a culture's morals, their shared culture...through fArt.

    You use their females to filter-in rather than filter-out.
    You use hyperbole to make their minds into mush that will no longer be satisfied with the real - hyper-masculinity, in a hyper-reality.

    You turn inferior males, and females, omega-males, against their own kind...exploiting r/ types, to degrade the K/ types.
    You exploit sexual resentiment to pit omega-males against the alphas.

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    Post by Satyr on Fri May 18, 2018 5:58 am

    Slow decay of these new Dark Ages will return to the west to a state akin to the Middle Ages.
    The differences will be due to technological advancements, and knowledge gained in the interim.

    All is patterns and non-patterned energies (inter)acting, therefore history repeats - but slightly modified by the forces of randomness.
    The shift will be slight, because we are talking of small differences relative to human lifespans.
    We gauge historical time using human lifespans, and judge them to be greater than they are.
    Relative to cosmological space/time spans, all of human history - codified, recorded past - is but a insignificant fraction.
    We then judge the effect of chaos to be slim, and appreciate human history as something, relatively stable in its predictability - repeating in near-perfect consistency.
    Yet, we can also appreciate how small divergence can produce large effects, in time/space, only counteracted by a living organism's desire to retain order, producing the conflict man experiences as stress - need/suffering.

    In short, this coming New Dark Age will be the same as the previous ones, but modified.
    The same superstitions will return to the forefront, only changed by socioeconomic and cultural, effects - given new monikers, new symbols, new narratives, incorporating what has been gained in science and philosophy.
    Corruption will integrate them into a new degradation.
    The same psychologies will emerge from where they slept in times of superfluity and comfort.
    The same parasites, vermin....the same diseases will be triggered from latency.

    We can study the rise and fall of Rome to begin predicting what states this Global empire will pass through.
    A slow but relentless decline, until fragmentation and dissolution completes the process.
    The parts will then be absorbed into emerging new unities, or settle, for a brief period, as independent, but weak, entities.
    Technology will reshape plagues - physical diseases and mental diseases will flourish and spread.
    It has already begun, and I've tried to describe some of the many strains - tracing the pathogen back to a naturally emerging byproduct of self-consciousness awakening to its own consciousness.
    Consciousness is the experience of Flux, and is experienced as need/suffering - the ordering organism resisting change, or the challenge of constant (inter)activity demanding attention, neccasitating a response.
    'Awakening', becoming conscious of this state, is the trauma that becomes nihilism - the meme/gene contradiction, siding with the meme to contradict the experienced, the physical; distress of mind perceiving itself, as mind/body, relative to other.
    In the past this condition, still unknown and misunderstood, sought refuge and expression in what came to be known as Abrahamic spirituality.
    Previous superstitions, also used to cope, were absorbed and given form, symbols, through these new advanced cults.

    We've 'progressed' since then.
    Abrahamism has been discredited, and exposed, necessitating a repackaging of the same, this time absorbing the ideologies and insights that brought it down - furbishing and upgrading of the same.
    We re currently in the state of reinventing what has worked in the past.
    Marxism was also a repackaging of Abrahamism.
    We will witness, in our age, the emergence of a new Christianity, or neo-Marxism - only it will not be called so, and it will go to great efforts to hide its pedigree.
    The masses will flock to it, themselves belonging to the same types that fell for the comforting leis of Abrahamism and Marxism...
    Human nature has changes less than human environments and technologies. The same psychological weaknesses are present today, as they were thousands of years ago.; dressed-up and renamed they are only different in expression, not in essence.
    The same anxieties, producing the same reactions, leading to the same outcomes.

    This historical storm will not be stopped. Only a fool would stand in its way. It has built-up over the years, like storms do over warm oceans.
    Large bodies of water, agitating the atmosphere, inundating it with humidity, that begins to spiral, and grow into a hurricane.
    Water rises, on hot air-streams, and is cooled by external space, that has no interest in the turmoil of the world it encompasses.
    Heat meets cold space/time, and tidal waves of tears, blood, and sweat.
    Cities are torn asunder, forests uprooted, geography rearranged. The earth is cleansed. What had been built on clouds is dashed to the ground'; what had been built on shifting sand, will crumble; what had lost its foundations will be destroyed....only the deepest roots have a hope of surviving....but not a certainty.

    Then peace returns, for a seedlings burst from the soil, and the process repeats.
    Those who survive will stand in the sunlight....lost, standing on what has been, once more, buried....calling to be rediscovered, revealed, uncovered; added to, in preparation for the next storm.

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    Post by Satyr on Fri May 18, 2018 6:57 am

    To destroy a tribe you can exploit the natural animosity of the inferior for the superior - turning the lower against members of their won lineage, by manipulating their resentment, and sexual insecurities.
    Paternalism was supposed to deal with this issue...but currently the family is under attack, to set-up this sexual animosity between r/ K/ psychological types....or to put it more bluntly....between alphas/betas and deltas/omegas.

    Abrahamism dealt with this issue by inventing a dominant abstract ALPHA, making all inferior below his dominance.
    Males became equally feeble - all omegas and deltas, in the 'eyes of god' - evaluated and converted to female proxies....
    The only hierarchy left was representational.
    Who can best represent the ALPHA, eliminating the past, as a immutable determining inheritance.
    Everyone could become an earthly representative of an other-worldly god, no matter his genetic inferiority.
    All found parity in shared weakness.
    In Christianity this was represented by Judaism by choseness, parity in shared suffering, in shared victimhood.
    It's a way of dealing with genetic inequality in an overpopulated world. Something that will become useless if man ventures off the planet, where space/time is not as contained as on this planet.

    How do you eliminate male competitiveness?
    By converting it to a social construct - a symbol that can be purchased, earned, by anyone who remains disciplined to social rules and ideals. Essentially, another way of saying god.
    The abstraction implodes space/time into a singularity, and makes the experienced reality its shadow.
    Shadows can merge - are indistinct. In the darkness all can be exaggerated, hidden.
    The small can seem large and the large seem small.
    All becomes the same, shadows merging forms.
    Light exposes divergence.

    Mystical rituals are performed in low-light where fantasy enhances the imagination, directed by need/suffering, and by desire.
    Mysticism is reliant on obscurity, vagueness, using insinuation to impress, by triggering internal hopes, anxieties.
    Like a surreal oil painting, the observer projects into the fArtist's canvas, his own internal world...we see shapes in clouds, that look like horses, fish, vikings...
    Observer is incorporated into the observed...slave becomes his own guard, feeling this duty as freedom, as power.
    The lowly find comfort in it.
    Institutionalization makes escape a source of stress.
    The domesticated manimal will never venture too far beyond the fences.
    It will return, to be milked, cared for, and eventually slaughtered.

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    Post by Satyr on Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:39 pm

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